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Catholic priest advises youth against over reliance on white colour jobs

botchway December 13, 2018


From Ernest Best Anane, Kumasi              .

Rev. Fr. Richard Opoku Acheampong, the Parish Priest of Corpus Christi Catholic Church at New Tafo, a suburb of Kumasi, has challenged the youth, especially young graduates, not to over rely on white colour jobs because they (jobs) are non-existent and that the public sector is finding it difficult to absorb all graduates.

According to him, it is time the youth of today become innovative by thinking outside the box, especially when the government is not able to employ them, hence the need to ensure that they find something doing, instead of relying on or waiting for the government to give them employment.

The Reverend Father, who gave the advice when students of St. George’s Senior High School, led by their tutors, joined the church in worship, observed that as young graduates, it is prudent to believe in oneself and the God-given talent and pursue it to enable one accomplish one’s vision in life.

He noted that it is sad to see young graduates sit idle and complain about unemployment, instead thinking outside the box by starting something small with any little capital, but wait for government for employment.

The Catholic priest said those who believe in themselves and are determined to do something on their own with little resources at their disposal always make it in life.

He also entreated government to invest in Vocational and Technical institutions to help give employable skills to the youth right from school and prioritise the private sector participation to grow the economy.

By so doing, he said, there would be economic expansion to serve as job creation for the teaming unemployed youth and young graduates in the country.



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