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Irresponsible use of success

botchway December 11, 2018


By Godfried K. Arhin-Kumi

(Advocate against cheating and of peaceful co-existence)           .


What is success? The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary by A. S. Hornby defines success as: 1. The fact that you have achieved something that you want and have been trying to do or get; 2. The fact of becoming rich and famous or of getting a high social position.

There are other definitions, but for the purpose of this write-up, and in line with the heading, PERISCOPE will stick to the second definition – the fact of becoming rich or famous, or of getting a high social position.

Hard work is fundamental to success. Thus, from the time one weans oneself from the apron strings of one’s parents or guardians, one launches a fierce onslaught on life in a bid to be rich and be on one’s own, without being a tail to anybody’s kite.

After success has lavishly embraced us to be rich or placed us in a very high position, it remains how to use it to the benefit of other unfortunate sons and daughters of this transitory life.

It must be realised that any success we achieve in life has the backing of God, and that He expects us to use it to help others in need. Irresponsible use of success only invites the wrath of God, because He is, forever, the quintessence of goodness, indeed, all that is good.

Politicians usually have a sudden fall from grace to grass. This is because, in some cases, the riches they acquire, even dishonestly, are selfishly used to enslave the people over whom they rule.

Some politicians in high national positions think they are masters of all that they survey. They arrogantly sing the chorus of “So you know who I am ….” They forget that they are mere mortals whose breath can be extracted from their system in a split second!

During elections of all types, rich politicians can openly flaunt their wealth by purchasing the conscience of the poor electorate. This selfish and greedy trend results in the election of wrong candidates, who may eventually turn out to be highly incompetent in their administration – the genesis of the retardation of some countries’ progress with marks of poverty etched on the faces of their people.

Such irresponsible use of success usually finds expression in unprovoked attacks on visionary leaders who may be straining every sinew in them to develop their countries to the standards of modern and prosperous nations.

Just recently, somebody, somewhere, used his/her success in life to get one of God’s sacred creatures murdered in the cruelest manner, thinking they will rule everlastingly and finally fly into the firmament. Of course, I mean the brutal death of a seasoned journalist of Saudi Arabia – Brother Jamal Khashoggi (May his soul rest in peace in the serene bosom of our Heavenly Father).

Some rich people and others who find themselves in influential positions find nothing wrong with paying bribes to abort justice, resulting in genuine wrongdoers being set free by the court, at the expense of the innocent.

The world is ruled through politics. Thus, it is the bounden duty of politicians, especially those in power, to see to arresting the suffering of the ruled, by making prudent use of the national purse, as well as putting in place human faced policies, programmes and innovations.

They don’t have to steal the people’s money and stash it in foreign banks, while their countries are destitute of modern educational infrastructure, water, electricity, decent places of convenience, etc.

As earlier stated, God is behind all successes. It is not our might. It is He who provides us with strength, wisdom, sense of initiative, fortitude, perseverance, all of which culminate in our successes.

It is, therefore, an act of gratefulness to God if we use our successes responsibly, especially, to put smiles on the faces of our unfortunate brothers and sisters.

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