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Workers excited over revival of railways

botchway December 6, 2018


By Maxwell Ofori          .

Workers of the Ghana Railways Company Limited (GRCL), yesterday, expressed joy over the rebirth of the company, which had been ‘dead’ for some years now.

At the Kantamanto Railway Station, the workers sang songs of praise, and danced as if they had been promised entry into heaven without judgment.

Speaking to this paper, some workers explained that they had been inactive for some years as result of the collapse of the sector, not to mention the delay in the payment of their meagre salaries.

A man, who has worked with the company for ten years (name withheld), told The Chronicle that but for the determination of the Akufo-Addo-led government to revamp the sector, which has also brought about consistency in delivery of salaries, he would have unable to cater for his immediate family.

According to this man, not only is the revamp positively affecting the workers, but also outsiders who sell food and other business operators.

Dancing to his favorite song, Oye, President Akufo-Addo could not help but express his happiness for such a day, when, at last, the rail business had been resurrected.

According to the President, the sector was one the most important pillars in the transformation of the state, adding: “I am fully convinced that the investments we are going to make in the railway sector will be a catalyst for the socio-economic transformation of the country.”
The President said this yesterday, on Day Two of his three-day tour of the Greater Accra Region, when he inspected works on the Accra Railway reconstruction at the Kantamanto Railway Station.
Speaking to a large crowd, the President said his government would develop the railway infrastructure to open up the country and bring out the wealth in it to ensure the growth of the nation.
“And in the process, the railway sector is going to become strong; it is going to become financial, and it is going to become independent,” he assured.

Appeal to inhabitants

The President, in his remarks, appealed to the inhabitants along the rail tracks to relocate for their safety, in order to avoid accidents, because the new trains were supersonic, unlike what the country had in the past.
Again, he said the railways project was for the entire nation towards the development of the country.


“I want to appeal to all those involved in this sector, from Minister through to the leaders of the railway authority and the railway company, workers, staff, everybody to put your shoulders to the wheels, and let us establish a first class railway infrastructure in our country to propel the development and growth of our country,” the President added.

The sector Minister, Joe Ghartey, assured President Akufo-Addo that he would work hard to fulfill the transformation agenda.

He said that plans were in place to extend the railway line beyond Kumasi. As from 2019, train will be active again from Accra to Kumasi and Paga.

This, he said, was part of numerous towns where the lines will work again, including Tarkwa lines.

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