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Artificial Intelligence will soon diagnose Prostate Cancer

botchway December 6, 2018



By Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, PhD (A.M), ND, MSc,  Mini-EMBA


I bring you greetings from South Africa where I was named in the finalist and honored by the most prestigious CNBC & AABLA Awards-Innovator of the Year (West Africa category). The innovation is simple; I have formulated evidence based natural product now for Prostate, Cardiovascular Health and General Women’s being. The good news is that all the products have been approved by the FDA in Ghana and commercialization is set to begin.

The good news is that the products have been formulated based on science and research. The prostate product contains fourteen (14) plant ingredients. First of its kind in Ghana for a prostate product to contain such prostate specific ingredients. Have a lot to tell you about these products! Worry no more about your prostate issues!

Now to the article of the day. I read this article by Dr. Geo Espinoza and I found it interesting to share with you. So read on!

Imagine for a second that you undergo a prostate biopsy, and the results come up positive for prostate cancer.

You then proceed to get your prostate removed so that you don’t succumb to the disease.


The prostate gland is then sent to a pathologist to determine the location of cancer and how aggressive it is, to then learn no tumor was found in that tissue.


In other words, what was thought to be cancer from the biopsy was misread and wrongfully analyzed.









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