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Zuarungu chief demands assets of Bolga East District

botchway December 5, 2018


From William Nlanjerbor JALULAH, Zuarungu         .

ACTING CHIEF of Zuarungu Traditional Area in the Upper East Region, Naba Lawson Asampana has registered his displeasure over the reluctance of authorities of Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly to initiate an Asset Declaration Committee since the inauguration of the Bolgatanga East District.

The Local Government Act ensures that a committee is formed immediately a district is carved out of its mother assembly to ensure that assets belonging to the newly created district are duly given to it.

But since the creation and subsequent inauguration of Bolgatanga East District, such a committee is yet to be inaugurated.

The situation, according to Naba Asampana, has rendered the Bolgatanga East District Assembly with little resources to operate on its own.  

The Acting Chief of Zuarungu expressed this concern during a courtesy call on him by Upper East Regional Minister, Ambassador Paulina Patience Abayage.

Naba Asampana lamented that the monopoly exhibited by authorities of Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly contravenes President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s quest of ensuring equitable allocation of resources to the citizenry through the creation of district assemblies.

“Those of us who are still alive, when we saw the inauguration of our district, I was very sad to know that the Assets Committee which was supposed to be put in place to see to the seeding of assets between our young district and the Bolga Municipality was not done even before the inauguration and I was optimistic that shortly after that, something would have been done.

“I don’t want to say I am disappointed but I am worried that it appears the Municipal Assembly does not want the fulfillment of the wisdom of His Excellency when he created the new districts, among which ours was part.

“What are they [new assembly] going to work with? I wish to just draw your attention to this so that at the appropriate time, you know the action to take, so that we can have that problem resolved.”

Ambassador Abayage, in her response, observed that the Tempane District which was also carved out of the then Garu-Tempane District has a similar challenge, but assured the chief that the issue will be addressed.

“It is a very simple, straight forward matter. The ministry has given an instruction and it must be followed,” she cautioned.



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