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TUC calls for affordability of housing units

botchway December 5, 2018


By Bernice Bessey                   .

Dr Kwabena Nyarko Otoo, Director, LPRI of Ghana Trade Union Congress (TUC-Ghana) has appealed to the government to consider income levels in the country to make the prices of affordable housing actually affordable.

According to him, the average salary of income earners is GH¢1,000, hence, it makes it difficult for these category of salary workers to afford the exorbitant prices quoted on these affordable houses.

“I mean we have our income levels in this country, the average income on the single spine is about GH¢1,000 so when you are designing a housing scheme, you should take the income levels into consideration.

“you don’t have to come up with something that would require that the worker dose out some GH¢2, 000 every month that is not possible, especially also when it is cash down. When you are to pay GH¢150, 000 to GH¢200, 000. we think that is not sustainable.”

With this, he strongly urged the government to make the housing unite truly affordable by taking into account the various income levels in the country.

Dr Otoo was speaking at a forum organised by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) on TUC-Ghana response to the 2019 budget, yesterday in Accra.

The Director also explained why the Union is kicking against the government to outsource the administration of the payroll to a private entity.

Although  he acknowledged that there was a challenge in the public administration of the payroll, suggested that since the Controller and Accountant General actually has no competent or limited competence over the payroll administration, the Ministry of Finance must take charge of it.

To him: “one solution is to have a complete unite with the Ministry of Finance, dedicated to patrol administration while the Controller focus on the core issue of paying government workers or paying government debts. but to say that you want to give it to a private entity, we think that is not the solution.”

On Nation’s Builders Corps (NABCO), he was grateful for the initiative, as the graduates had been without jobs for three years as a result of employment avenues in the public sector been choked and thee has been no physical room for direct employment.

” I completed teacher training by June in September  I was posted but now the system has changed and that avenue is actually closing to new entrance. For the first time in our history, we have people that have completed teacher training colleges that have been without jobs.

“If that is the case, we think that NABCO as top government measure will give those that are wasting at home, in terms of their skill the opportunity to start something in the labour market. our appreciation of NABCO is based on the fact that we have job challenge, employment crisis and any initiative that is seeking to create just a single job, needs to be supported, there would be challenges with it and we need to address the challenges,” he added

however, he urged government to ensure that the NABCO personnel are enrolled onto Social Security National Investment Trust (SSINT) to secure the future.



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