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Ghana Baptist Varsity holds 13th matriculation ceremony 

botchway December 5, 2018


From Ernest Best Anane, Kumasi                .

The Ghana Baptist University College has held its 13th Matriculation ceremony to usher in over 400 students with a call on them to strive for an active learning experience.

Rev. Dr. Yaw Adu-Gyamfi, President of the University, said it is long overdue for graduates to come up with their own questions and create new knowledge to answer them.

He said it takes a disciplined mind to keep thinking in the face of setbacks until one finds the answers to enable him or her generate new ideas.

According to him, the students are future leaders of Ghana, and can use the knowledge they acquire to make the world a better place for society, and hoped that they would face the social changes and build a genuine sense of empathy between people and to take on new challenges in their study at the University.

He also drew their attention to the fact that the contemporary world faces many complex challenges, most of which transcend family, national and international borders adding that, the digital revolution has given people the ability to share their feelings with others instantly.

He noted that  the digital revolution referred to as the fourth industrial revolution,  is bringing about a historic change, both in our economies and societies, and must, therefore, share the responsibility to make the change lead to a better future society for all.

Rev. Dr. Yaw Adu-Gyamfi disclosed that, the objective of the College is to equip students not just with education, but with something broader, with spirit of intellectual inquiry, with a deep curiosity and the resilience and the resources to one day go out into the world and make a difference.

He entreated the students to carefully study the College’s vision and mission statements and its core values and abide by their motto of hoping to train and mentor them to contribute to the growth and well-being of their families, communities and the nation in the spirit of excellence.

The Baptist  President stressed that, the training of the mind without the heart will be dangerous stressing that  trained minds without trained  hearts have stolen our monies,  destroyed our forest, land and water bodies, for they enjoy life with their families, while the majority of the citizenry live in poverty.

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