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Tetteh Quarshie Heritage Foundation embarks on clean up exercise

botchway December 4, 2018


By Maxwell Ofori

A Foundation in memory of the Founder of cocoa in Ghana, Tetteh Quarshie, Heritage Foundation, has embarked on a massive clean up exercise around the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange in Accra.

The exercise, apart from ensuring the clean environment of the Interchange named after Tetteh Quarshie, was also part of activities to keep the legacy of the man whose efforts have become the backbone of the nation.

The cleanup exercise also commemorated National Sanitation Day as part of activities to mark the 176th Birthday of Tetteh Quarshie on March 27, 2019.

Made of members of the family of the late Tetteh Quarshie and people who, in one way or the other, are connected to cocoa, the Foundation cleared the bushy area at the interchange with the help of some students from the University of Ghana, Legon.

Speaking to this paper shortly after, the Executive Secretary, Mr Francis Opai Tetteh, indicated that the Foundation deemed it hold the exercise firmly, and also build upon what their grandfather left behind.

According to him, other people may not want to sacrifice for the country if those who have already done so were not honoured.

He added that the Foundation had acquired 257 acres of land at Nyive in the Volta Region for a cocoa plantation, a project which has already commenced with a nursery for seedlings.

He explained that it was part of moves to ensure that their grandfather’s legacy lived on after many years.

“The memory of such a man should not be allowed to fade away, so we have created the Tetteh Quarshie Heritage Foundation to promote his sterling achievement, and, secondly, to continue the unfinished business he started.”

Robert Tetteyfio Adjase, Director of Operations for Heritage Foundation, further disclosed that it was preparing to put up a statue of Tetteh Quarshie at the interchange, in front of the Accra Mall.

He said that since the interchange had been named Tetteh Quarshie, it was in the interest of the Foundation to make the environment look very attractive to serve as a tourist site.

In 1870, Tetteh Quarshie introduced cocoa to Ghana, which, today, constitutes one of the major export crops of the economy.

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