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The Church is not exploiting members –GBC President 

botchway December 3, 2018


By Bernice Bessey                   .

The Executive President of the Ghana Baptist Convention (GBC), Rev. Dr Ernest Adu-Gyamfi has vehemently debunked the perception that churches are exploiting their members to enrich themselves, at the expense of driving development.

“For some time now, the Church in Ghana has been accused of only collecting tithes and offering from members but have not done anything for society,” the reverend minister lamented.

He believed that the perception is a falsehood, as the Church from time immemorial had played its role as an agent of development with the provision of schools, hospitals, orphanages, water projects, programmes for street children and many others.

However, he blamed it on the bad nuts that are bringing shame and disgrace to the Christendom, saying: “It is sad to say such accusations are raised against the Church because so-called ministers of the gospel are using the gospel for their personal gains.”

He, then, debunked the attack on the Church in Ghana that it only collecting tithes and offering from members but have not done anything for society and faulted the Church for not been able to tell its own story of the number of social intervention it has undertaken.

As part of measures to let the people of Ghana and the world know how the church had been key partner in development, the GCB would launch Shalom Broadcasting Network that would tell the story of the Church.

Rev Dr Ernest Adu-Gyamfi said this whilst giving his acceptance speech during his induction ceremony as the Executive President of the GBC and Rev Enoch Thompson as Vice President Ministries last Thursday in Accra, 

To prepare youth to take up leadership position, he said: “Strategic attention would be given to the development of the next generation of leaders for the Convention, I will encourage especially those between 25 to 40 years to make themselves available for training, mentorship and couching to prepare you to take over the mantle from the current generation.”

The mentorship programme would be facilitated by a team of high qualified professionals within the denomination have been assembled to lead this programme with success training institute of USA to provide another level of professional for our members.

Rev Dr Nii Amoo-Darko, former Vice President, GBC, in a sermon dubbed “Serving to plead the master”, stated categorically that any church practicing anything other than the word of God is being lawless.

He wondered why statistics had it that over 70 percent of the Ghanaian population is dominated by Christians yet rots and indiscipline had taken root in the society.

To him, either the churches are deviating from their core mandates of championing discipline and evangelism or are being occupied by establishing businesses, schools, hospitals and building flamboyant church buildings

According to him, it was the responsibility of the Church to teach their members how to know and accept Christ, and do His will, since it is only through righteousness that a nation can progress, saying “if our nation is not progress, the onus is actually on the church which is supposed, not only having the key to lead people righteousness.”

Although he would not support the government to put in place legislation that will streamline the organisations and establishment of churches, charged the various Christian bodies to set regulative mechanism to check members.

Rev Dr Amoo-Darko further urged people not to only rely on the scriptures but use their God given conscience as well to ascertain whether the supposed church they have intended to attend is true Church of God.

“If you attend a church that you are told to eat grass…or the pastor says he has to sleep with you before you can gets pregnant for your husband and you do it, you are not being human,” he added.





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