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Africa still lags behind in royalty collections –CISAC report

botchway November 9, 2018

According to the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers’ (CISAC’s) 2018 Global Collections Report released on Thursday, Africa still lags behind in royalty collections.

The report is based on data collected from 239 collective management organisations (CMOs) in 121 countries and presents a 6.2% year-on-year increase to €9.6bn collected in five major repertoires: music, audio-visual, dramatic, literature and visual arts. Music accounted for 87% of overall global collections last year.

But despite a rise of 11.4% to €75m on collections in 2016, Africa still lags behind with just 0.8% of the global total.

This puts the entire continent on par with Mexico, which ranks in 22nd place on the top-50 list of countries that collected the most royalties for all repertoires in 2017.

The US leads the list with a global share of 19.7%, followed by France (12.6%), Germany (9.7%), Japan (8.4%) and the UK (7.8%).

Africa saw 15.7% growth in music income last year. Music accounted for most collections on the continent at 91.5%, with TV and radio earning €29m.

“This is despite strong resistance from [African] broadcasters and high levels of unlicensed use by radio stations. A 2017 survey covering CISAC societies in 22 countries found that of 2 580 radio stations, only around 40% were licensed to broadcast music,” the report says. Live and background were the second biggest source of collections in Africa at €16m.

Of the 31 African countries whose CMOs report to CISAC, the top three earners – South Africa (50.5%), Algeria (26%) and Morocco (7.2%) – make up more than 80% of the continent’s total collections.

Source: musicinafrica.net


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