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Tourism Ministry secure tax grace period for creative arts players

botchway November 7, 2018


The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture has secured a grace period for all players in the creative arts sector from paying taxes until the players have been properly educated.
A statement from the ministry, signed by the Minister, Catherine Afeku said the ministry “has agreed with the Ministry of Finance and the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) that until such time that artists have been educated on their tax obligations, they will be given a moratorium”.
“In this connection, the Ministry announces for the information of all players in the creative arts sector that it has received assurances from the Ministry of Finance and the GRA to the effect that between now and end of December 2018, workshops will be organized to educate artistes on their tax obligations, generally, and why it is the civic responsibility of every Ghanaian who earns an income to pay tax,” it added.
This comes after some actors, including Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win and Mercy Asiedu went public and said they were being harassed by GRA to do a tax assessment and pay taxes on all their past works. The actors damned the move and said government has not even fulfilled a single one of their promises to them and yet they were being harassed for taxes.

Credit: ghanaweb.com

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