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Rabito opens Dansoman branch

botchway November 7, 2018


By Bernice Bessey      .

A skin specialised clinic, Rabito Clinic Limited, has opened its 16th branch in Dansoman in in Ablekuma West Constituency of the Greater Accra Region to bring health delivery service closer to the doorsteps of patients across the country.

The clinic offers services including dermatology, obstetrics, gynaecology and many other health conditions.

The clinic, which has 17 branches nationwide, begun operations of its Dansoman branch in October, but officially opened it to the public last week.

Professor Edmund Nminyem Delle, a Dermatologist, is the founder of the health chain clinic that has a vision to provide care for skin and general diseases.

Addressing invitees at the inauguration ceremony, Prof Delle worriedly said though the skin is the mirror of the organs of the body, only three per cent of skin diseases are reported to health centers worldwide.

He explained that most people prefer home treatment of skin diseases and often report when the ailment has advanced to a point where treatment becomes challenging, hence advised against self-medication.

He further added in an interview that some rashes that develop on the skin are linked to other health conditions, therefore, it was not prudent for individuals to resort to self medication.

Giving a brief history of the clinic, Prof Delle said he named the clinic after his mentor, the late Prof Rabito, an Italian dermatologist formerly of University Padua Italy.

Prof. Delle, after the University of Padua (1970) and Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belguim (1972) for his Doctor of Medicine & Surgery (MD) and Post Graduate Diploma respectively, came back to Ghana to establish the clinic as part of his contribution to national development.

From a little start in 1974 in a rented apartment at Kanda, a suburb of Accra, Rabito Clinic continued expanding its tentacles across the length and breadth of the nation.

One thing that had kept the clinic going over the years has been: “We medicate and God cures” and “We take God as our guide,” he added.

Moreover, Rabito Clinic was creating a network of clinics, not only for profit, but the love to care for patients and project the country with its effective delivery support.

He argued: “If you don’t love people you cannot do medicine. Rabito has come to stay; people first and money secondary. Our primary aim is to help… In short, we are doing it for you, not for money.”

Karen A. S. Hendrickson, Chief Executive Officer of Rabito Clinic Limited, said the clinic had grown as a result of dedicated workers who shared the vision of the founder.

She added that the new branch was part of management’s strategy to reach out to patients at their convenience, and as a result, it will soon begin to operate an e-health system that would close the gap of the doctor to patient ratio, as well as make health more accessible.


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