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We have never asked to be considered in Oti Region –Lolobi and Akpafu Chiefs

botchway October 30, 2018


Re: “Lolobi, Akpafu declare support for Oti Region

We the undersigned; Nana Akoto Masakyi III, Paramount Chief of Lolobi Traditional Area and Nana Tetteh-Attu IV, Adontehene of Akpafu Traditional Area on behalf of our respective communities vehemently condemn a publication of an article entitled: “Lolobi, Akpafu declare support for Oti Region” in the Thursday 25th day of October, 2018 edition, which article is purported to have been endorsed by Lolobi and Akpafu people.

We want to put on record that Akpafu and Lolobi Traditional Areas have been consistent with regard to the petition on the creation of the proposed Oti region.

Records show that in 1970, 1992, 2001 and 2017 – these two Traditional Areas never asked to be considered/included in the proposed Oti region.

Akpafu and Lolobi Traditional Areas dissociate themselves in all forms from its content on the following grounds:

The article is malicious, mainly because the proponents of SALL (Santrokofi, Akpafu, Lolobi and Likpe) being championed by Nana Soglo Allo VI, Dr Obed Asamoah and others, constantly and successively failed to persuade us (Akpafu and Lolobi) to be part of the signatories to ”SALL for Oti Movement’!

The publication is a machination and a ploy to misinform the public because Lolobi and Akpafu are not petitioners for the creation of Oti Region.

We formally submitted to the Justice Brobbey Commission on 29/01/2018 letters, including supportive documents to debunk rumours that Lolobi and Akpafu have petitioned to join the proposed Oti Region, as well as buttress the historical background of our position to remain in the Hohoe Municipality.

We believe that you did not do due diligence, in accordance with your professional ethics or guidelines, to undertake initial review of the submitted information so as to eliminate trivial or malicious correspondence.

Editors consult to validate the comment and investigate the content of any received article. We the two traditional leaders of Lolobi and Akpafu respectively, do hereby challenge effectively the authorship and originality of the published article.

The last such vain attempt to rope in Lolobi and Akpafu Traditional Areas into Oti Region petition took place on the 19th day of September, 2018, when Nana Akoto Masakyi III and Nana Kofi Adu II (Head Chief of Akpafu) refused to accompany the “SALL for Oti Movement” organisers to the Presidency. Whoever represented Lolobi and Akpafu at the Presidency in the name of SALL did so in impersonated capacity.

Financiers and their cohorts for “SALL for Oti Movement”, realising that their serial clever and dishonest ways to trick Akpafu and Lolobi Paramount chiefs did not materialise to their advantage, frustratingly and naively defied all odds and published a false article in the Ghanaian Times of 5th October 2018, entitled ”Akpafu and Lolobi reaffirm support for Oti region”.

The publishing house, THE GHANAIAN TIMES ( Friday 19th October 2018), has since retracted the said article with unqualified apology rendered to the Chiefs and people of Akpafu and Lolobi Traditional Areas respectively, after it had been challenged with authenticated evidence.

The same group (SALL Oti Movement) have triggered another publication of a make-believe article, entitled “Lolobi, Akpafu declare support for Oti Region” and published on 25th October 2018 by The Chronicle Newspaper.

We are putting on record that the comments of the publication are allegations of intellectual misconduct displayed by Nana Afrifa Akuamoah IV and kingpins, fuelling chieftaincy disputes in Akpafu.

We also want to draw to your attention that the Kingmakers of all the five towns and divisions of Akpafu Traditional Area have place an injunction on Nana Afrifa Akuamoah, which inhibited him from upholding himself as the Paramount Chief of Akpafu Traditional Area in Suit Number VRP. 4/2017 by the Judicial Committee of Volta Regional House of Chiefs in Ho, Volta Region. This publication by your newspaper is contempt of the court order.

Finally, at a meeting held at Hohoe on the 8th day of November 2017, all the Paramount Chiefs of the nine (9) Traditional Councils that constitutes the Hohoe Municipal Assembly in their final communiqué resolved to remain in the Municipality.

We are notifying you that your publication is currently fomenting serious trouble within the two traditional areas.

Hence we demand that you retract the said article and render an unqualified apology to Lolobi and Akpafu people.

However, in the event of otherwise, we shall advise ourselves on the next line of action.

We count on your cooperation.

Thank you.


Nana Akoto Masakyi III

(Paramount Chief Lolobi Traditional Area)


Nana Tetteh- Attu IV

(Adotenhene Akpafu)

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