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Opinion on Oti Region Anlo and Tongu Togbuio and Mamaao, Please No Vex!

botchway October 29, 2018


The storm is gathering from the East, and war drums are being beaten with the ease of preparing akple plus gborgbitaadias the daily meal.

First it was the northern Ewes who sounded the alarm and started the fight to halt the creation of the Oti Region. Led by Togbe Afede XIV, they enlisted the south in that battle against some other people’s right of existence and recognition.

I was more than please to read an article written by Elizabeth Ohene, another Ewe from Abutia, which appeared first in the Daily Graphic of Wednesday October 24, 2018, and spread like wildfire on the social media networks.

So far as I am concerned, the northern Ewes have not demonstrated in any way how the new Oti Region would affect them adversely. All we hear is a call for halting the process or the peace will be breached. In an event where not a single portion of Eweland would be taken away, one finds this to be uncalled for.

To the Tongus and Anlos who have been enrolled in this unnecessary attack on our Supreme Law, the Constitution, I wish to ask a few questions, and I plead that if I say very harsh things, take it that your son only wants to have the facts.

1). It must be obvious to you that the northern Ewes are always preparing for war and would actually go to war even when they have no good reasons for that. Do you, Togbuioo and Mamaaoo, remember what happened after the 1956 Plebiscite when they waged war on their own who voted to be part of Ghana, killing as many as they could? The March 11, 1957 publication of the Daily Graphic spelt out their evil intentions in attempting to halt our independence process.

2). On this 1956 Plebiscite, you must be aware now that the hearts’ desires of some of these northern Ewes is to rope you all into the Western Togoland idea with false reports that you were once part of Trans Volta Togoland, and so they want you to join them in seceding from Ghana to form their own country. Incidentally, a certain Tongu man, Adolf Bestway Zottor, based in Sogakope, who hates Akans to the hilt, has been championing this agenda on air and in all social media platforms he belongs to.

3). Now, on this issue of the creation of a new region out of the Volta Region, where were you, our noble traditional leaders, when ex-President Mahama proclaimed to divide the region during a campaign rally in Ho in 2016?

4). None of you ever raised an objection as you even heard the then candidate Nana Akufo-Addo promise the same. And when he was elected President and started the process were you aware that some chiefs and opinion leaders from northern Eweland went ahead to lobby to have their areas within the new region, and, thus, have their towns named the new capital?

5). If their wishes were met, and say Hohoe became part of Oti Region and also its new capital, do you think your colleague chiefs would even consider asking you to rejoice with them?

6). It looks like when they want any dirty work to be done they fall on you, oh you noble chiefs, queen mothers, traditional and opinion leaders of Anlo and Tongu.

7).We are made to believe that some part of Eweland would be taken away, and I assure you that none of that will ever happen.

8). However, if even any part Eweland will be carved out of Volta Region, does that mean that its Ewe people will be driven off their land?

9). Talking about lands. May I remind you of the Akwamu land which was presented to the Tongus on a silver platter by the then Head of State Gen Kutu Acheampong? When Juapong Textile factory was built, Ewe chiefs went to petition the then government for a factory, and since that part of the Eastern Region shares borders with the Volta Region, Juapong and its environs were conveniently carved out and given to the Tongus. You will agree with me that the Akwamus have not been happy about this to this day, yet they are not blowing steam as the northern Ewes are doing now.

10). Still in Tognu, I believe Togbuioo and Mamaaoo have heard about an area called Kpeyiibor. That area used to be Dangbe Osudoku land in the Greater Accra Region, but when the Electoral Commission was demarcating constituencies, it carved that area and gave it to the North Tognu Constituency of the Volta Region.

11). Assuming the Akwamus start beating war drums and demanding their land, and assuming the Osudokus start doing same, would you peacefully give back what never belonged to you?

12). The Volta Region, which is made up of some of the God-fearing people in this country, is gradually turning to be intolerant in even peaceful and reasonable matters. To my own Anlo Togbuioo and Mamaao, I humbly remind you of the incidents that followed the relocation of the Catholic Cathedral from Keta to Ho in 1975. The bitter exchanges between the Northern and the Southern Ewes, which further established that the blood of a tribe is thicker than the waters of baptism.

13). That said, I was among some fine gentlemen and ladies at a wedding reception when the bride’s father, a Wedome Ewe, in his speech, disrespectfully addressed the groom, an Anlo and a senior army officer, as “Soldier Boy.”

No army officer is called a soldier, and the word soldier boy is demeaning, even to members of the lower ranks. To address an officer as soldier boy is the worst insult.

Togbuioo and Mamaaoo of Anlo and Tognu, please sleep over my humble appeal to you to advise the northern Ewes from disturbing the peace in this country and lend their support to the government for a peaceful referendum in the Oti Region.

If you so wish to support your colleagues up in central Volta, then come with clean hands and return what belongs to the Akwamus and the Osudokus to them.

I humbly appeal to your good conscience, and please make none of you vex me.

Hon. Daniel Dugan















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