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Torgbui Sri cautions against division in Anlo State …as Atsyiame celebrates festival

botchway October 24, 2018


From Samuel Agbewode, Dagbamate     .

The Awoamefia of the Anlo State, Torgbui Sri III, has called for unity and peace among the people, saying it is vital for the development of every society and would only thrive in an atmosphere of peace, while cautioning against divisive tendencies which would only be a drawback.

Torgbui Sri noted that people who normally create problems in communities were driven into such divisive activities through selfishness and greed, which, he said, should be guarded against so as to ensure a peaceful environment that would help the people to carry out planned development activities that would improve their living standards.

Speaking at the 5th Atsyiame ‘Tutuza’ (Development Festival) at Dagbamate in the Akatsi South District, the Overlord of the Anlo State reminded the people, and all Anlos, to be guided by the fact that they were all one people, irrespective of the various traditional areas they belong to, and should never do anything that would destroy the long-existing culture and values that bind them together as one people.

Torgbui Sri, at this point, expressed regret that it was very unfortunate that some Anlo people were sadly breaking away from their roots, claiming that they did not belong to Anlo, and asked that such divisive practices should stop, since that would not help in the development efforts of Anlo.

The Awoamefia continued that the culture of Anlo, since the time of migration from their ancestral home in Notse, did not change.

He further added that, for instance, the cultural practices of the Anlos still remain as their simplest way of identification, saying the Anlo State is a unique one with a special culture and traditional practices, and “we cannot forcefully divide ourselves.”

The Overlord stated: “We are all the same people, and nobody should create the impression that there are people within the Anlo State who are different from the Anlos,” a development, he said, was being done with the objective of creating disunity among the people of Anlo which should be avoided.

A former Speaker of Parliament and an elder of Atsyiamedukor, Rt. Hon. Doe Adzaho, thanked the Awoamefia for making it known publicly that he (Awoamefia) elevated Torgbui Samlafo IV to the status of Paramount Chief of Atsyiame, because he (Adzaho) was criticised for interfering in the chieftaincy issue and influencing the elevation process of Togbui Samlafo.

The former Speaker of Parliament made it clear that he is not a chief, and would not be involved in chieftaincy matters, as the people were made to understand when Togbe Samlafo was made the Paramount Chief of Atsyiame in 2014, and reassured the people that he would not do anything that would destroy the unity and peace of the area.

Rt. Hon. Adzaho said he would, however, commit himself to development activities in the area, including the celebration of the festival, which is aimed at mobilising both material and human resources for the development of Atsyiamedukor, and recounted that the first Atsyiame Tutuza saw the establishment of an education endowment fund to support brilliant but needy children in the area.

He noted that the fundamental human rights of the nation allows all citizens to belong to the various religious sets and worship there, and stressed that people should stop lamenting out of ignorance, saying he would at all times support the festival celebration and would distance himself from acts that would bring division to the area.

The Paramount Chief of the Atsyiame Traditional Area, Torgbui Samlafo IV, said the development and well-being of the youth is being taken as a project by Atsyiamedukor, which relates to education, job creation and control of social vices.

He mentioned drunkenness, smoking, and robbery among others as some of the vices that were destroying the youth, stressing that parents and traditional rulers have crucial roles to play in addressing the menace, urging them (chiefs) to develop bye-laws for their respective communities to check such behaviours.

Togbui Samlafo used the occasion to commend the government on the free Senior High School policy (SHS), which he described as a laudable idea, and called on all stakeholders to assist to overcome the implementation challenges.

He added that the One District, One Factory initiative was equally a good policy, and when fully implemented, would bring great relief to the youth.

The Paramount Chief of Atsyiame also called for the removal of outmoded customs such as keeping the dead in the morgue for months, expensive funerals, building houses, and buying of clothes for the dead ought to be stopped, and such monies used to cater for the needs of children, particularly, to support them in school.

The Chief of Dagbamate, Togbui Klu Agudzeamega II, called for unity and peace in the area, stressing that it was only when the chiefs and the people promote unity, that development activities in the area would thrive, while cautioning detractors to change their attitudes, because, in the past, wars were fought, but today, the common war being fought was targeted at poverty, illiteracy and disease.

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