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Stop abusing the use of honorary titles -Vice Chancellor

botchway October 11, 2018


Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Legon, on Tuesday asked the public to stop using honourary titles and called on the National Accreditation Board (NAB) to be ruthless in applying the sanctions.

He said people pay money to be given honourary titles such as Professor and Doctor, among other degree titles, which they use to their advantage.

The Vice-Chancellor, who gave the caution during a courtesy call on the university by officials of the National Accreditation Board (NAB), said such acts should not go unchecked.

He said the honourary titles were not supposed to be pre-fixed to their names when the users had not earned them, adding that people had to be educated about the issue.

“When people go through pain and spend time and resources to earn such titles, others just give themselves titles to get fame, and this shows how dishonest the society is,” Prof Owusu pointed out.

The Legon VC said this culture of dishonesty is even practiced by some religious leaders, politicians and people in the entertainment industry among others.

He blamed journalists for encouraging the practice, and advised them to cross-check before publicising or acknowledging people with academic titles.

In reacting to the University of Ghana being unified, in terms of conditions of service and promotions, Prof Owusu called on the NAB to classify universities before they were ranked.

Dr Kingsley Nyarko, NAB Executive Secretary, advised Legon to operate on the same platform as the other universities for fairness and a common system that distinguishes tertiary institutions from others.

He said the University of Ghana had processes that are different from other universities, and it is high time Legon came to a resolution that would be acceptable by all.

He said, since quality assurance was at the heart of accreditation, the NAB also would ensure that lecturers are also qualified, to help produce quality students.

He was not happy about how some teachers use fake credentials to get employed, adding that measures should be put in place to flush out such teachers.

Dr Nyarko explained that the NAB was mandated to accredit institutions and programmes to ensure maintenance and promotion of quality standards in tertiary education.

The principal vision of the NAB was Information Communication Technology (ICT) driven, which would lead to efficiency, minimise paper work, and save time, he noted.

Dr Nyarko asked tertiary institutions that were not qualified to desist from giving out honourary titles to members of the public.

Mrs Colette Hukpati, Head of Department of the Accreditation Department, NAB, called on tertiary institutions not to accredit their schools alone, but also their programmes, to ensure that their certificates were accepted, not only in Ghana, but in other international universities.

Source: GNA


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