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Rawlings can go naked on murder of judges

botchway October 11, 2018


Ebo Quansah in Accra    .


I could identify with kids only when their grandparents were properly identified. In other words, all those who took decisions and behaved as if the town belonged to them have joined their ancestors. The Bible, the Holy Book of Christianity, puts it succinctly: ‘All things shall pass away, except the word of God.’

The documentary on the abduction and murder of three judges and an army officer aired on Joy News Television and its sister station -Adom TV- has forced Jerry John Rawlings out with a reaction.

The leader of the so-called revolution, under which watch these murders so foul were blatantly orchestrated, and which suggest that the man who stood astride the political corridors of this nation like a colossus is going bananas over the issue. “Glory to God on High, and on the Earth be Peace!”

Reacting to the documentary, the man who ruled this country for 19 solid years with iron fists said rather dishonestly, I dare state, that history has been deliberately skewed to make innocent people like himself and some of his fellow coup plotters, who constituted themselves into the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC), guilty of the offence.

Read the lips of the self-proclaimed Junior Jesus: “A whole documentary on the killing of the major and three judges…An unfortunate tragedy that saw, hard swift justice done to the perpetrators, unlike the organised assault and killing of the Ya Na and his 39 elders, for which those perpetrators are yet to see justice,” an Accra private newspaper quoted the former junta head to have said in a tweet.

“This is the fundamental difference – one group of four saw justice, the other group of 40 did not, and has not,” according to Jerry John.

How the abduction and murder of three judges and an army officer in June 1982 came to be equated with the civil conflict that claimed the life of Ya-Na Yakubu Andani, tells everything about the psyche of the former President of this country.

The man who was so powerful that one-time Chief of Defence Staff Brigadier Nunoo Mensah asked rhetorically ‘hand over to who?’ said further in his tweet: “We have re-hashed and re-cooked history to make innocent people murderous. And in the next breadth, using the same name to endorse yourself, because Rawlings has said he is cultured (compared to his predecessors). This is vicious and callous political opportunism.” I have never known Joy Television to be a political party anyway.

Read him further: “We cannot reduce the harm and pain caused by families and the whole country by turning this matter into a political-media circus.”

The junta head, who became constitutional head of state of this republic, ended his tweet by indicting the party he founded of lacking the intellectual manpower to see through the machinations of their political opponents, and to deal with their treachery, because most men and women of substance in the party have passed away.

“In the meantime, our party has lost a few too many thinkers and strategists to see things clearly. We fall for traps set easily. Rather than a focused fight to ward off this attempt to twist and manipulate the truth (which thankfully some started well), we are back to hang Rawlings because of DG publications.”

I am told that the founder of the National Democratic Congress intends to boom when he visits Kumasi in the near future. To be brutally frank, some of us do not care one hoot if Jerry John Rawlings decides to go naked in Kumasi or Boom Junction.

Whether he accepts it or not, Jerry Rawlings has too much innocent Ghanaian blood on his hands already. Like Macbeth, all the waters of the Atlantic Ocean would not cleanse him of the innocent blood he has spilled in his effort to hoist himself on the people of Ghana, in the two coup d’états standing in his name.

From the extra judicious murder of the eight top military officers tied to the stakes at the Teshie Firing Range in June 1979, through the killing fields of 1982 to the murder of the judges and an army officer, Jerry John Rawlings cannot escape blame. It is significant to note that the killing squad, led by Lance-Corporal Amedeka, confessed to killing innocent Ghanaians on behalf of the PNDC when individual members were quizzed on the murder of the judges and the army officers.

They were in no doubt that the abduction and murder of the judges was part and parcel of the totality of assignment given them by Jerry John Rawlings and his PNDC. Before the killing of the judges and the army officer, the murder squad had gone on a killing spree, gunning innocent Ghanaians who stood in the way of Jerry Rawlings’ desire to be acclaimed leader of this society.

Let Jerry Rawlings not shed any crocodile tears. The killers had made his official residence at Ridge in Accra their residence and rendezvous point, where instructions on murders were relayed to them.

Mr. Rawlings should tell Ghanaians what Dzandu, Terkpor and Heckli were doing in the Boys Quarters of his official residence. The so-called founder of the NDC should not think he is still the con-man who succeeded in conning his way to power. The lid had been taken off many Ghanaian eyes. Now, most of us see through his machinations. What must be of major concern to the self-acclaimed Junior Jesus is that even in the National Democratic Congress (NDC), they are beginning to see the light.

Just by the way, will the self-acclaimed apostle of integrity, probity and accountability account for the US$5 million bribe money he collected from the Butcher of Nigeria?

When The Chronicle broke the news, originating from Nigeria 1997, that Jerry John Rawlings had collected US$5 million bribe money from Abacha, we were laballed, liars and rumour-mongers. Why he kept quiet and only spoke of the bribe money 20 years after the event, gives the game away. This is the same Rawlings who had lined up eight top military officers to the stakes and shot them like game on charges that they had used their influence to enrich themselves.

A man, known to those of us in this country simply as Gwarzo, and identified as the security capo of Sani Abacha of Nigeria, arrived by air into this country, clutching a briefcase with US$5 million in neat American notes. We are told that the self-imposed leader of this country was at a state function at the time. But on learning that Gwarzo was at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra with the booty, he cut short his official engagement and dashed to meet the Nigerian security capo and grabbed the blood money.

In effect, all this integrity, probity and accountability mantra is a smokescreen hiding the corrupt nature of the man who slaughtered human beings for allegedly corrupting the system.

When Gen. Ignatius Kutu Acheampong, Brig. Emmanuel Utuka, Lt-Gen. Akwasi Amankwa Afrifa, Lt-Gen. F.W.K. Akuffo, Air-Vice-Marshall George Yaw Boakye, Commander Joy Amedume, Maj-Gen. Robert E.A. Kotei, and Colonel Roger Felli were tied to the stakes at the Teshie Military Firing Range and shot, the official proclamation was that they had corrupted the system. It turned out that some of them had borrowed a paltry ¢50,000 to develop farms. It is instructive to learn that ¢50,000 at the time is the equivalent of GH¢5 today.

Dear reader, weigh that against the whopping US$5 million bribe money given by Sani Abacha and received by Jerry John Rawlings without sweat. It took nearly 20 years for the apostle of probity and accountability to acknowledge that he, indeed, took US$2 million from Sani Abacha. Granted that Jerry Rawlings indeed took US$2 million from Sani Abacha, what did he use that money for?

For me, as a social commentator, Jerry Rawlings represents nothing than a conman who employed the intimidating powers of the gun to hoist himself on this country in the course of which he took advantage of the gullibility of Ghanaians to move from penury existence to join the nouveau rich of society.

When the PNDC introduced what I call Jerry’s Stupid Schools (JSS) and the then President of the Republic of Ghana smuggled all his four children abroad after sitting for the outlawed General Certificate of Education (Ordinary and Advanced levels), it told the whole story that this man does not care one hoot about the welfare of the average Ghanaian.

And they say Jerry John Rawlings has founded a political party tracing its roots to the events that begat the murder of the judges and the army officer, as well as the slaughter of many innocent Ghanaians.

Let me repeat it here for emphasis. Jerry John Rawlings can fret and fume over events surrounding the abduction and murder of the three judges and the army officer. That cannot absolve him from blame.

If you ask my candid opinion, I will tell you that the PNDC masterminded the sordid deed. Jerry Rawlings can choose to go without clothes. That would never change the opinion of some of us who lived through those difficult times. The blood of the three army officers and the army officer, as well as many others like Yeye Boy, Aburihene Osei Ntifu Ababio, Apostle Barnabas and many others, is on the head of Jerry John Rawlings.

As the late Muhammad Ali once said: Jerry Rawlings can run. But he cannot hide.

I shall return!

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