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Mahama bashes NPP government

botchway October 10, 2018


From Musah Umar Farouq, Wa    .

Former President John Mahama says the failure of the government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to deliver on its campaign promises could erode the trust of the populace in politicians.

According to him, the lofty promises made by the party when it was in opposition had proven to be mere fanciful talk that had exposed them in government. Speaking to some National Democratic Congress (NDC) party delegates last Monday in the Lawra Constituency on the second day of his campaign tour of the Upper West Region, President Mahama said the NDC had shown true competence in tackling the issues that confront the country and the people any time it had ruled.

President Mahama, who is seeking the mandate of the NDC to run for the presidency in 2020, met delegates of Daffiamma-Bussie-Issa, Wa Central, Wa West, Nandom and a part of Wa East constituencies during the first day of his tour of the region.

“When you promise the sun and cannot deliver even the top of the tree, you make the average person lose trust for the politician,” he said.  To him, the reality of governance had exposed the inadequacies of the NPP government.

“You may use lies and propaganda to fight your way to power, but you cannot govern with lies and propaganda,” he told his audience.

Government spokespersons have recently been defensive about efforts to redeem the many campaign promises to the people.

But, President Mahama asked if evidence on the ground had any relationship with those claims. “Do you have the factories in your districts? Do you have dams in your villages? Have they delivered the $2 million for the two years they have been in government?” he asked.

He said his administration delivered school projects, water, electricity and roads among other physical infrastructure, and stabilised the economy.”Unfortunately, most of the physical projects have stalled at where we left them,” he again told his audience.

He said the general economic condition of the average person had also worsened since 2017, despite the claim by the NPP government that they possessed the best economic brains.

“The reality is that it is not the so-called big names that manage an economy. It is the sound policies and programmes that shape an economy,” President Mahama said, and hoped the NDC will be given another chance in 2020.

The former President believes Ghanaians will vote for the NDC in the 2020 elections, given the hardship they are currently facing under the NPP government. “I am sure that NDC will be given another chance because wherever you go in the country, people complain of hardship. When we were in government, they said there was hardship, and at the time a gallon of petrol was GH¢14, and today, it is 26. At some places it is 25, and other places 24. People have seen the pinch.

“During NDC’s period in government, we saw rapid development in terms of infrastructure, and then we saw some relief in terms of people’s living standard. If NDC comes to power, we will relieve some of the hardship you are feeling currently.”

According to him, the NPP was only good at making promises ahead of the 2016 elections, but lacked the ability to properly manage the economy and deliver on those promises.

He said the NPP government has led Ghanaians into untold economic hardship, and the current situation of Ghanaians was a testament to the poor management. “You can do all the propaganda you like to win political power, when you come to government, the reality of the people’s life will expose you,” he said.

John Mahama also subtly chided the Vice President, Dr. Bawumia, saying his prowess in delivering lectures on the economy did not make him a better manager of it.

It would be recalled that in the run-up to the 2016 elections, Dr. Bawumia made several public statements, including a widely broadcast public lecture on the state of the Ghanaian economy under John Mahama’s administration, in which he sought to declare the then government as an incompetent one.

Despite the NDC government’s subsequent attempts to discount Dr. Bawumia’s claims, the NPP managed to kick it out of power, among other things, on account of many promises it made to Ghanaians.

However, John Mahama observed that the NPP has been unable to practice what they preached, after almost 20 months of being in power. Mahama told the delegates that, “any economics lecturer can give lectures on the economy, but not every lecturer can manage the economy,” referring to Bawumia.


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