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Sachet water producers, media collaborate …To create awareness on impure pure water

botchway October 9, 2018


Stories from Sebastian R. Freiku  .

The Reverse Osmosis Sachet Drinking Water Producers Association (ROSDWPA) has collaborated with a section of the media to educate the public on the consumption of sachet and bottled water, and create awareness on impure packaged water.

At the inauguration of the collaboration last week Thursday, Mr. Benjamin Kani Kyei, Public Relations Officer of the association, indicated the health implications of consuming water generally, and the need to patronise and consume wholesome water.

Mr. Kyei said, “as members of the association, our number one priority is to produce pure, safe and healthy water by the RO technology to ensure that their produce are wholesome, hence, the adoption of the Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology, which can remove many types of dissolved and suspended species from water, including bacteria.”

The PRO noted that water infiltration has advantages, including the removal of harmful compounds and, therefore, makes it safe and healthy.

He explained that under the partnership, the media is to educate members of the general public on the need to patronise treated water, both bottled and sachet through the RO system to ensure that water produced for public consumption is pure in the strictest sense.

The Association pleaded with its media partners to give priority to publicising the activities of the Association towards achieving the objective of ensuring that the public uses water produced by producers who use the RO water infiltration system, which has health benefits and advantages, including the removal of harmful compounds, therefore, making it safe, healthy and best to drink.

He advised the public to look out for and patronise sachet water which bears the association’s logo, besides the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) marks to safeguard their health status.

Mr. Kyei also urged all members of the association to be committed to the resolve to produce quality water to meet standards set by the GSA and FDA.

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