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The Chinese Chronicle (3) Raping of Africa Continues

botchway October 8, 2018


I may have to disabuse minds that I just do not like the Chinese. I do like any nation that will cooperate with us in our developmental process in a 50/50 situation and not 10/90, where the aliens get 90% and we struggle for crumbs.

Let us take a look at Obuasi, which is one of the major gold mining towns in the world. The city is more or less like any primitive village compared to gold mining towns which have developed into mega cities as in the case of Johannesburg in South Africa. And Obuasi and Johannesburg are in the same class when it comes to gold mining.

We, Africans, started it all with the Arabs, the Indians, and other races. Sometime ago, oil-rich Arabia was raped off its wealth as the West made sure they took it all, out of the oil, and gave the Arabs and Persians almost nothing.

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention, and as they watched the West take the big cookie and all the crumbs that went with it, they took a decision. They nationalised their oil fields. And this brought renegotiations, and the ones who benefited most were the Arabs. Out of the many good benefits and rewards of taking over their natural resources, was the development of a fishing village into one of the most sought after cities in the world, Dubai.

The Indians mapped out another track by sending their people to the most developed countries to go and learn the rudiments of development. They worked anywhere and everywhere, as workmen in factories, shop attendants, bus drivers, and conductors among others.

Sooner than later, with learning of skills at first hand, while the most popular bus manufacturer, Leyland, was folding up, TATA of India sprouted up, and is now one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in the world.

Unfortunately, that is not how things are done in Africa. We discourage our own and would rather give all up to the foreigner. And so today, it is normal and natural for a Black African to treat a non-national fellow Black African as an enemy, but accept whatever nonsense comes from a fair or light skinned non-African.

While in South Africa, the Black nationals view other non-African residents as a threat to their very existence and embarked on homophobic genocide, as and when, we here in Ghana view Nigerians as a problem and so go after their shops and livelihoods.

The Blacks in South Africa have forgotten that when they were under the apartheid system, it was the free Black African nations which used their most valuable GDP to take care of them when in exile – free schooling, free accommodation and free care. Some money was also channelled down to the front line militants to fight the Whites who were torturing and killing them for no other reason than for the colour of their skin.

All they could do to the Whites in South Africa, after they gained their freedom, was to pull down a statue of the father of apartheid. But, to the non-African Blacks that helped them, they were to die like dogs.

In Ghana we freely allow Asians and Chinese to operate retail shops, but find it disgusting to have a Nigerian do same. The other day, when Patience Osafo was unjustly beaten by a police office, help went to her way in such magnitude, and the policeman was appropriately dealt with. I have no problem at all here, and I applaud all measures taken against the policeman and for his victim.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for Evelyn Boakye, who had her face drowned in pepper puree by a light skin non-African and was prevented from getting medical help for hours after her ordeal.

The non-African have explored these differences to their advantage, and so can come and pick anything freely while we watch on begging for a pittance.

China has an agenda, and it is to deplete our countries of natural and mineral resources. The Chinese have no good intentions for us, since their excavating of Black African soil and stealing of our mineral resources to enrich their individual persons and their nation is now legendary all over Africa.

At the moment, China is the leading producer of gold in the world, and would like to stockpile more of this precious metal, hence the raping of Africa.

Dealing with China should require a 30/70 transaction favouring, us, the poorer nations. They steal our gold and sell it, then use that money as loans for us to repay at a cost. This is surely a 0/100 transaction in their favour.

Today, ten African nations owe China over $83 billion; Angola tops the list with $25 billion, and Ghana places ninth with $3.5 billion.

China saw all along how we Africans were raped by the West and knew that we feel too embarrassed to shout for help, therefore, the Chinese have also come to rape what is easily available and explore our virgin parts yet to be raped and rape these too.

Let us adopt the Arab approach and put our beloved and God-given nations first.

Hon Daniel Dugan

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