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Nkonya chiefs react to Queenmother’s threat …but she calls it a bluff

botchway October 4, 2018


From Samuel Agbewode, Nkonya-Ahenkro    .

Chiefs from the Nkonya Traditional Council, led by Nanai C.Y. Elletey, who was described as the Acting Paramount Chief of the traditional area, have condemned a press conference and demonstration held by the Queenmother of the Nkonya traditional area, Nana Otubea II, against a sod-cutting ceremony recently for the construction of an assembly complex.

Nanai Elletey, Acting Paramount Chief of the Nkonya traditional area, said his divisional chiefs, members of the Biakoye District Assembly, and the youth have distanced themselves from the statements made by the Queenmother, and alleged that Nana Otubea is the Queenmother of Nkonya-Ahenkro, and not of Nkonya.

Nanai C.Y Elletey, who was the spokesperson at a press conference held at Nkonya-Ahenkro by the chiefs, said: “The press conference and demonstration organised and led by Nana Otubea II, Queenmother of Nkonya-Ahenkro, on Thursday 20th September, 2018, was not in consonant with the decision of the traditional council, visa-vi the siting of the Biakoye District Assembly complex,” he stressed.

He continued that the chiefs condemned the whole idea of organising the press conference and demonstrations, saying we (chiefs) have resolved that the siting and sod-cutting ceremony of the assembly complex project at its present location was agreed upon by the traditional council, and, therefore, has its blessing of the assembly complex project.

Nana C. Y Elletey, therefore, said the chiefs wish to assure the entire nation, the region, the contractor, the consultant, and the people of Biakoye, that the project is welcome, and that the traditional council would defend, protect and assure of the provision of maximum security for the implementation of the project.

He, however, admitted during question time from the media that it was true that the Paramount Chief of the Nkonya traditional area, Nana Okotor Kofi III, had released over nine acres of land for the building of the assembly complex at Nkonya-Ahenkro, which is being used for the building of residential accommodation for workers, including residences of the District Chief Executive and Coordinating Director.

Nanai C.Y Elletey said even though the land is being used for residential accommodation for workers, the same land is not suitable for the intended assembly complex, which would be a storey building, because the land given to the assembly for the purpose contains rocks, hence, the second piece of land, where the sod was cut for the building of the assembly complex alone.

When contacted for her version, based on the allegation that she is not the Paramount Queenmother, but only the Queenmother of Nkonya-Ahenkro, Nana Otubea said Mr. C.Y Elletey had no locus to address the media as acting or Paramount Chief of Nkonya, and said the statement was very unfortunate, because she had been gazetted as the Paramount Queenmother of the Nkonya traditional area by the National House of Chiefs.

The Queenmother of the Nkonya Traditional Area, who showed her gazette document by the National House of Chiefs to the media, said all those who were calling themselves chiefs at the so-called press conference in the name of the traditional council were not chiefs, except two.

Nana Otubea explained that Mr. C.Y Elletey, who was introduced as the acting Paramount Chief and Paramount Chief of Nkonya, as the media were made to understand, is never a chief, but only an elderly person, who, when the Paramount Chief of Nkonya traditional area, Nana Okotor Kofi III, was indisposed, only played a role as the public relations person or spokesperson for the Paramount Chief.

The Paramount Queenmother of the Nkonya traditional area pointed out to the media that a spokesperson cannot be substituted as a Paramount Chief, and that the conduct of Mr. Elletey should be regarded as an impersonator, and that the law would soon catch up with him.

Nana Otubea observed that there were people in Nkonya who he described as conflict entrepreneurs, who were not happy about the existing peace in the area, therefore, started to create what she described as internal conflict for their parochial interests, and stressed that such people would not succeed.

It would be recalled that on Tuesday, 25th September, 2018, this paper carried a front page story with the heading “Nkonya chiefs accuse DCE of illegal transfer of District capital using state funds”, as the Paramount Queenmother stated that the traditional council gave ten hectares of land for free to the Assembly to build an assembly complex and accommodation for workers.

According to Nana Otubea, who addressed a press conference, said the DCE, Madam Comfort Atta, grossly disrespected the Paramount Chief and the Traditional Council, allegedly using millions of government money to purchase another parcel land for the same purpose at Nkonya-Kadjebi, and illegally transferring the capital from Nkonya-Ahenkro to Nkonya-Kadjebi, while threatening to sue the DCE and the Assembly for undermining the LI establishing the Assembly with its capital at Nkonya-Ahenkro.



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