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Return Edumadze to Ekumfi

botchway October 3, 2018


It has taken quite a while for the Ekumfi Traditional Area to enstool a Paramount Chief after the great Nana Akyin VI visited his ancestors over three decades ago.

For the uninitiated, Nana Akyin VI was the Omanhen of the Ekumfi Traditional Area and Chairman of the three-man Presidential Commission during the era of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. The commission administered the country any time the President was out of the Ghana. For starters, Dr. Nkrumah had no Vice-President or Prime Minister.

The absence of an Omanhen for over three decades held back many development projects and affected the way Ekumfi was administered.

The accolade Acting President of the Ekumfi Traditional Area was overused as divisional chiefs over-reached themselves in their attempts to act on behalf of the Overlord, certainly one of the most powerful chieftains in the annals of this nation’s rich traditional history.

Now the wrong has been put right with the installation of Odeefo Akyin VIII, known in private life as Mr. Kwesi Asmah, a private businessman and nephew of Nana Akyin VI.

The Chronicle welcomes the new Overlord of the Ekumfi Traditional Area, and prays for a long reign and wisdom to negotiate the many twists and turns in matters pertaining to the traditional area.

The Chronicle is particularly encouraged by the zeal with which the new Overlord has begun his reign. We are told that Odeefo is applying tradition to resolve the many chieftaincy conflicts be-deviling the Ekumfi State.

We are particularly encouraged by the press conference called by Odeefo Akyin VIII on Monday, October 1, 2018, at which he called for the return of Edumadze, an Ekumfi settlement and a suburb of Mankessim, which has been ceded to the Mfanstiman Municipal Assembly. What is causing consternation among citizens of Ekumfi is that revenue from the market, which includes the Mankessim suburb of Edumadze, and, therefore, Ekumfi lands, all go to the Mfantsiman Municipal Assembly to the total exclusion of the Ekumfi District and its assembly.

What is adding to the worry are reported moves by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to include Edumadze in a new district under creation, aimed at making Mankessim a new entity from the Mfantsiman Municipal Assembly.

In the words of Odeefo Akyin VIII, the inclusion of Edumadze in the new creation “will defeat justice and equity, if due cognisance is not given to the immovable properties of the lands belonging separately to Ekumfi and Nkusukum.”

It is the view of this paper that the authorities would listen to the pleas of Odeefo and rectify the anomaly. It flies against natural justice that the rightful owners of the land on which the market thrives are denied revenue from it. It is not only in Ekumfi that this kind of problem exists. Throughout the country, there are pockets of such situations creating conflicts.

We would like to believe that the authorities will take a cue from the Ekumfi situation and put a mechanism in place to rectify these conflicts. It is not healthy that in a relative small country like Ghana, that prides itself as the very epitome of unity, such pockets of conflicts exist.

Read the lips of the new chief as he pours out his frustration. “Ekumfi is a separate district from Mfanstiman. It will not be proper to alienate the immovable properties from the rightful owner and hand them over to a proposed new district.”

The Chronicle re-echoes the sentiments expressed by Odeefo Akyin VII, and identifies with every word uttered at Odeefo’s maiden press conference. This news outlet will follow the progress of this matter to its logical conclusion.

The land and people of Edumadze are part and parcel of the Ekumfi Traditional Area, and, therefore, the Ekumfi District.

After nearly three decades of separation, as a result of a political fiat issued without consultation with the people, we believe it is time to return Edumadze lands and people to where they belong – the Ekumfi District.

We do not believe Odeefo Akyin VIII is asking for too much.

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