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COPAM threatens to sue NALAG Executive

botchway October 2, 2018


The Coalition of Progressive Assembly Members (COPAM) has given the National Executive Council of the National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG) a month’s deadline to conduct fresh elections.

Among the current executive of NALAG are Felix Mensah Nii Annang-La, who is President and also the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, and Kokro Amankwa, General Secretary.

And according to COPAM, if the National Executive Council of NALAG ignores the call by the communiqué issued by Deans of National Conference of Presiding Members, Ghana to organise a National Delegates’ Conference to elect new national officers, it would resort to the court to compel the leadership to call for elections.

Contained in a media release signed by Dr Richard Fiadomor, COMPAM Convener, and copied to The Chronicle, it expressed how scandalised the group was by the deliberate abuse of office by the NALAG President, whose term of office has since expired.

COPAM lashed the entire Executive Council and the General Secretary for their conscious refusal to organise the Biennial Delegates’ Conference to elect new national executives, after the term of the ‘current’ executives ended on March 9, 2018.

With the General Secretary allowing the NALAG Constitution to be breached in such an obvious manner, COPAM, the statement described, said was is unacceptable, adding that the unconstitutional behaviour has virtually thrown the NALAG election timetable completely out of gear.

“We are particularly appalled by the incompetent handling of the Association by the General Secretary, who has sat down and virtually contributed to the blatant side stepping of the NALAG Constitution. The General Secretary, instead of upholding the constitution and concentrating on his core mandate, is rather seen occasionally following the President to campaign from region to region, whereas no date has been officially set for the NALAG elections as at today.

“COPAM finds the behaviour of the General Secretary as very unacceptable, as he is giving the current President in particular, an unfair advantage over other equally competent members of the Association who can occupy the position of NALAG President.

“The NALAG President and the General Secretary are virtually running the Association as if it were their sole proprietorship business, which is not governed by any Constitution; a situation COPAM finds very worrying and dangerous, because it has the potential of running down the Association.

“We further wish to sound a note of caution to the General Secretary, who, for all intent and purposes, has exhibited gross incompetence by allowing the NALAG Constitution to be blatantly sidestepped for more than six months, without any attempt to organise the Biennial Delegates Conference to elect new executives, to put his acts together and focus on the job he has been employed to do for NALAG,” the statement concluded.

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