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Abodakpi jabs NDC …they are only using Voltarians as voting machines

botchway October 2, 2018


By Samuel Agbewode   .

Dan Abodakpi, one of the contestants vying for the National Chairmanship position of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has taken a swipe at his party for using the Volta Region as a ‘Voting machine’ during elections, only for them to be forgotten after winning power.

According to the aspiring senior member of the party, the Volta Region has been one of the major forces behind the success of the party, however, the NDC neglects the area after winning elections.

He, therefore, stressed the need for the party to reconnect with the people, adding that the electorate in the region felt that they were being used as “voting machines” by the NDC, who are forgotten whenever the party wins elections.

Mr. Abodakpi pointed out that this led to the high level apathy among the people in the 2016 general elections, leading to the party’s painful loss to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He, therefore, advised the party to concentrate on the grassroots and “carry the people along” with all activities, to enable them feel ‘belonged’.

He said it was unfortunate that most supporters of the NDC, such as the working class, were no longer interested in the party, and that the NDC seems to be collapsing, and vowed that, “so long as I am alive, and when voted for as the National Chairman, I would work hard to revive the party.”

Addressing the media in the regional capital, Ho, as he begins a four-day campaign tour of the region, Mr. Abodakpi told the media that he had embarked on a mission to heal the wounds of the NDC and unite the party members when voted for as the National Chairman, and urged all the delegates in the region to vote massively for him.

He noted that the situation in which the NDC found itself, which led to its defeat at the polls in 2016, was very unfortunate, because the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC), which gave birth to the NDC, always carried the masses along and enjoyed the full support of the people, a development, which, he sadly said, cannot be said of the NDC today, which called for a dedicated and hard working chairman like he (Abodakpi) to correct the unfortunate development.

According to Mr. Abodakpi, the NDC, as a well recognised social democratic party, which used to have a good relationship with the people at the grassroots, the same cannot be said about it today, saying, “the NDC carried along the workforce of this country, including farmers, fishermen, traders, and all categories of workers.”

“What went wrong must be corrected, and I am prepared to put my rich experiences from the revolutionary era up to today to bear on the party, when the delegates vote for me,” he stressed.

The aspirant admitted, however, that for the NDC to come back to power would not be an easy task, but it would take a selfless and hard working chairman to win election 2020, and said he is prepared to face the challenges of the party and to make it more attractive for the electorate to vote for the NDC, when he is given the opportunity, as the National Chairman, to lead the party.

Mr. Abodakpi noted that for the NDC to come back to power it would take a leader who is much-disciplined and committed, and such a national chairman is no other personality than he (Abodakpi), as he described himself as capable, reliable, affable and dependable in providing quality leadership that would usher the NDC into victory in 2020.

He said, when given the opportunity as the national chairman, he would ensure that party leaders at all levels, particularly at the grassroots, would be meeting with the people regularly to give them the assurance of belongingness, which, he noted, would enable them become more active members and support the party at all times.

According to Mr. Abodakpi, NDC youth groups at the various tertiary institutions in the country would only not be used for propaganda purposes, but be made to have representation on the decision making body at the national level, which would enable them have enormous benefits when the delegates give him the opportunity to serve as the national chairman of the NDC.

Mr. Abodakpi disclosed that he advocated for the creation of the zongo and cadres caucus within the NDC, which has been created, and assured them that when voted for he would work hard to create the cadres caucus, and also make the party more attractive.

According to the aspiring national chairman, when given the opportunity the relationship between the party and the media would be deepened.

He further gave the assurance that the media relations of the party would be strengthened, since the NDC recognised the vital role the media plays.


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