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The Chinese Chronicles (2) Racing over Racism

botchway October 1, 2018


When God created humans, He did create them in His Image and Likeness, which mean humans have a natural and a supernatural image. The natural body is perishable, and the supernatural is the soul (spiritual). Humans must be like unto God, and God is Love. Humans are, therefore, mandated to have love and exhibit love to all others and all things at all times.

Racism and ethnocentrism are vices that counter the Love of God. With racism, there is the perception that one or the other races are sub-humans and need not be classified as humans.

Blacks have suffered such demeaning attacks because of the colour of their skin. All those with black skins have, at some point in history, been pushed to the trash, and for a Black to be recognised as a human, then he or she must be better than the best of the other race to be considered good.

Racism made the Whites transport Blacks across the Atlantic into slavery in the Americas, just as the Arabs transported Blacks across the hot Sahara Desert into slavery in Arabia and Persia.

The darker skin in India is seriously discriminated against; the darker skin in Arabia and Persia is seriously discriminated against. In these nations, the Blacks are hardly given any opportunity to rise out of the ashes and be among the top.

In Argentina, the Blacks were effectively wiped out because the Whites there wanted a White Only Nation. Neighbouring nations have Black populations, but Argentina does not have any Black as an indigene.

In the US, the story is different. Even though there are serious instances of racism, the Blacks can rise up to heights previously preserved for Whites. Interracial marriages are common; Blacks could rise to the highest positions in the Armed Forces, Judiciary, and even a coloured mix-racial person became president.

In the UK, there are first generation Black-British holding top positions in the country.

Our colonial masters, at least, gave us some respect, and even in their racist approaches did not really mind when a Black married a White. Politician Joe Appiah, in June 1953, married Enid Margaret (Peggy) Cripps, a White British daughter of Rt. Hon. Sir Stafford Cripps and Dame Isobel Cripps, both from an upper middle class family. That marriage made headline news on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the case of China, there is a different ball game. I was told by two African top diplomats that whenever China cuts a deal in Africa, especially by way of construction, it will insist on bringing in Chinese workers to do the job on site. What it does, in effect, is to get down to Africa, prisoners serving long-term jail sentences to come over and complete their terms in wild and barbaric Africa. Even though, left to them, none will prefer to come to Africa and work, they had no choice but to get a parole and start living freely again in Africa.

Africa is considered a land of lower class animals, and so are Black Africans always considered as such. And, in China, Africans are not considered as equal normal human beings to Chinese. Last year, the Hubei Provincial Museum in the city of Wuhan, China, displayed a series of diptychs, each one containing a photo of an African person with a facial expression paired with the face an animal under the exhibit title “This is Africa.” The intention was to portray how Black Africans have stricken resemblance to animals like gorillas, baboons and cheetahs.

All the photos were taken by Yu Huiping, a construction firm magnate who had visited Africa more than twenty times and had won major contracts. Over 140,000 Chinese visited the show on the week-long national holiday.

An advert of a laundry detergent, in China, showed a black man going into a washing machine and coming out a sparkling bright and a white Asian man.

Recently, over here in Ghana, a social media clip showed a Chinese neighbour who scaled over the wall to the compound next door and went straight into the very serene garden, squatted behind some trees, and discharged his waste. Luckily, he was caught and made to remove his faeces to his own compound. One cannot believe how low the Chinese think of us, that someone will leave his house, which would surely have washrooms (with WCs), and go into someone’s compound to poo. His house is too good to contain his poo poo, so he decided to go to dislodge it in the beautiful garden of a Black African.

About a week or so ago in China, a 25 year old Zambian, civil engineering student, Chrispine Mwale, was murdered in cold blood by Chinese thugs for dating a Chinese lady. Meanwhile, in Ghana the Chinese stealing our gold in the countryside have had sex with some of our women and left behind Sino-Ghanaian children, solely under the care of their single parent mothers.

This day and age, we have a Chinese Ambassador in Ghana who warned us not to speak evil against her kinsmen who are flouting our laws here. In China, those who flout laws, especially financial crooks, get officially killed.

African indigenes South-of-the-Sahara are not regarded as humans worth respecting by the Chinese. We need to stand up and move on proudly as we truly are made in the true image and likeness of God.

Let us not sell our pride and God-given assets for a pittance to people who think lowly of us, and worse of all, get ourselves recolonised, this time, by people who went ahead to try to prove to the world that we are among the lower class of animals.

Hon. Daniel Dugan



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