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HR Ghana offers career training for schools

botchway September 27, 2018


HR Ghana, a team of professionals, has held a career fair for pupils and students in the Ellembelle District at a short ceremony over the weekend.

The fair saw the Member of Parliament (MP) and the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Ellembelle, Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah and Kwasi Bonzo respectively, address the pupils and students drawn from their District.

The career fair is an inspiring project that brings children, teens and young adults together to offer them the needed training and guidelines on career choices, career paths, career progression, and contemporary issues for evaluating skills that add value for development.

Considering the fact that many up and coming young ones end their future careers prematurely due to mismatch in career choices, the platform offered by HR Ghana was to guide the pupils and students to make better career choices.

The fair saw the beneficiaries tutored and given advice on educational subjects like science and mathematics, education and development, entertainment, and sports amongst others.

Rev Emmanuel Ofosu Amoah, who took the beneficiaries through Business and Economics, advised that choosing a career meant choosing a future. Meaning one did not have to choose for choosing sake, and outlined six steps they needed to consider in choosing a career.

DCE Kwasi Bonzo, on his part, appealed to the beneficiaries to take the fair serious, since it was a springboard to their future.

Admonishing that with hard work and determination they could make it in life provided they make the right career choices, adding that was why it was important to take the programme serious.

HR Ghana and its professional team have researched into career challenges and have realised that employers were looking for people with sharp business acumen, including initiatives that would benefit the organisation.

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