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Yorubas in Greater Accra Region get new president

botchway September 25, 2018


A new day dawned on Yorubas in the Greater Accra Region, last Friday, after they peacefully elected Oloye Oyeyemisola Fatuyi, a businessman, as their new President.

Mr Fatuyi polled 85 percent of the valid votes cast to make him the successor of Alhaji Musah Baba Gbadamosi, who served as President for over a decade.

The members appointed to form the Executive were Lukumon Bakara, Vice President, Bola Adesanya, Publicity Secretary, Mrs Rabiatu Wahab, Welfare Officer, Mrs Omobola Precious, Secretary, Chief Olatunde Olabamiji, Treasurer, and Mr Q. Hazmat, Social Secretary.

The election was supervised by Alhaji Surakat Lawal, Alhaji Fatau, Chief Hakeem, Dr Bayo Asaolu, Mrs Rabiatu Wahab and Mrs Omobola Precious.

The new crop of youthful executive has been given six months to impact on the welfare of the Yoruba communities in the region.

Among some of the duties of the new executives include re-educating all Yorubas living in Accra and beyond on their culture, traditions, moral values and what Yoruba, as an ethnic group in Nigeria with an enviable history, stands for.

In addition, Yorubas are known for being business-minded, well-educated, hardworking and sincere, and Oloye Oyeyemisola Fatuyi and his team are to ensure that they well-define all these Yoruba qualities in their people living in the Region.

In an interview with The Chronicle, Oloye Oyeyemisola Fatuyi said the team would further work hard to foster unity and love among the people, adding that “as sons and daughters of Oodua, who came into this world with a purpose of honesty and integrity, we have to come together to always educate ourselves and remind our members the moral values of our forefathers.

“Recently, the Brazil government made Yoruba as one of their official languages, and this is a great achievement for us. We are, therefore, inviting all Yorubas in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, La Cote d’Iviore, Republic of Benin, Cuba, Brazil, Haiti and every corner of the world where there is Yoruba blood, to join us for a better community.”

Mr Fatuyi paid tribute to the Nigerian High Commissioner, Nigerian Women Association, and Nigerian Union of Traders in Ghana for organising a Nigerian Charity Bazaar for Nigerians living in Ghana, saying, “That is one way of getting us to meet one another to socialise and network.”

Lastly, he thanked his predecessor, Alhaji Musah Baba Gbadamosi, and the diplomatic community for throwing their weight behind the day’s peaceful and colourful event.

“We shall announce our meeting days, time and venue soon.”


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