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Goat thievery high at Kpone-Katamanso

botchway September 25, 2018


For about three weeks now, reports of missing goats at Katamanso Royal City in the Kpone-Katamanso District have risen to a worrying crescendo, and the residents have vowed to mount surveillance to cease the thievery.

The residents said they hardly hear the goats bleeting when the thieves arrive in the area at odd hours to steal.

Though some reports had been made to the Kpone Police, the residents explained that they would have to be keeping vigil to ensure that they, at least, grab a thief red-handed.

Edmund Kinnah, a journalist and resident of Katamanso Royal City, told The Chronicle that last week, their night vigil paid off, however, the suspects managed to flee with their vehicles, when an alarm was raised.

He narrated that on one of their vigils, a group of the residents spotted a truck pull up in a bush, and not too long after, they saw some men carrying dead goats into the vehicle.

Immediately, the eyewitnesses raised an alarm, however, by the time other residents arrived, the suspects had zoomed away.

He said the next morning when they observed the dead goats, they realised that the animals were either fed with some substances that dazed them, or food that, eventually, killed them.

“There was no knife mark on the necks of the goats, and we want to advise local restaurant operators to be careful of whom they buy their goats or sheep from for their businesses. The public should also be careful of the meat they buy from restaurants and khebab sellers,” Edmund Kinnah advised.


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