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Dilapidated bridge poses danger to residents

botchway September 25, 2018


Stories from Isaac Akwetey-Okunor


A dilapidated and collapsing wooden bridge at Asokore, a suburb of Koforidua of the New Juaben North Municipality, is posing a serious danger to the lives of residents in the area.

Fear and panic have engulfed most the residents who use the bridge, which connects the area to other parts of the community, since a relatively old man died recently while crossing the it and fell in the process.

The seemingly death trap has negatively affected the socio-economic activities in the area in its current state and its subsequent usage to either work or nearby communities.

Speaking to the Eastern File, Mr Akwasi Boateng, an opinion leader of the area, disclosed that the state of the wooden bridge calls for urgent rehabilitation or reconstruction in to a concrete bridge, since it is the only route connecting to various work places.

According to him, because residents have no other option, they have made do with the bridge for some months now, and it is, however, time to register their concern to the authorities to do something about it.

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