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Letter to Snr. Opupulepu (23) As for this, I am not Agree!

botchway September 14, 2018


Dear Snr. Opupulepu, how do you and all your family do? As for me and my house, we are all do fine.

Senior, there is a certain occurrence occurring in Ogyakrom that I am not ‘gree at all, in fact, I am not understand.

Senior, it is about that burial ground or departure lounge to the life hereafter, for short, belonging to and dedicated to all bow and arrow professionals who fall like agama lizards in the process of their transfiguration into phantoms.

Senior, since that plot of land was made a national assemblification of fantom sojess, and was commissioned into service, it looks like people and citizens who have never held catapults before in their lives are laid to rest there.

First it was the ex-former-former deputy omanhene, Nana Come-Fight aka Wofa P.K. That I am understand a little, because we need to put a high official there to whip stubborn fantomsojess in line so that order is observed at all times.

Then when Wofa J.H. also decided to exit this sinful, wineful, ginful life, he was seen off at this same departure lounge originally dedicated, reserved, secured and assigned to fantomsojess.

Well, we asked why, since we did not know exactly what he was going to do in the midst of fantomsojess of all political shades and colours. Then we were told that he was once a human chameleon. He was born and bred into the family of the Conveyors Concert Party, whose leader Nana Kwame Okro I, the Great Omanhene, was so brave that he could tell our Akwasi Broni masters that “Koo Darkie, has the Yahweh given right and left to manage and mismanage, his and/or her own matters. We can chop our home matter!” He snatched Ogyakrom from the hairy armpits of Obaahema Lizzy and her four-o’clock tea drinking clansmen.

Suddenly, Wofa J.H., after seeing the light, became born again, amended his birth certificate and changed his status. He naturalised and converted to become an actor in the United Concert Party, with all former documents declared invalid.

We accepted his presence at that departure lounge to mean that since he had tasted both akpeteshie and asaana, chewed both kola and roasted cashew nut before, he can be the most neutral fantom, when it comes to deliberating affairs between unruly sojess of different political shades and colours.

We thought the civil humans were completely outnumbering the bow and arrow professionals in their own burial grounds when the death of Opanin Kofi Atta Busumuru, one time chief principal letter-writing typist of all of amansan, came to our notice. He was the planet Earth’s Number One Peace Keeper, in fact, after Yesu Christus, he came next in promoting, instilling and keeping peace. He was to also use this same fantom sojess’ departure lounge under discussion.

Then it dawn on my kube head that someone somewhere is up and out causing mischief. It is all about the Great Togbe Xornametor aka Togbe Amekeadziavu aka Togbe Peace-Perfect-Peace, aka Captain Chaos, aka Original Junior Jesus, aka Captain Boom, aka EfoYevuyigbor, aka Efo My Daughter-Breasts-Be-Beautiful, and all the etc., etc. aliases.

Senior, it as if someone wants to make life-after death so difficult for our Original Red Herrings, for since we heard that Opanin Busumuru will also be laid to rest in that same departure lounge, which was dedicated, reserved, and purposely built by the lampo payers’ cowries specially for fantom sojess, I and others started thinking thoughts and came to the conclusion that it was Captain Chaos who is the targeted object here.

In the event that Togbe Xornametor arrives at that departure lounge, he would have no choice, but to leave his gidigidi and boomness here on planet Earth, because there he would be under leash, held by Wofa J.H, and always under watch by Opanin Busumuru, and Wofa P.K will always stand on his neck back.

And since it was due to fear, some elders crowned him Togbe Peace-Perfect-Peace, with the hope that great Captain Chaos will learn how to behold this peace. However, when he arrives there with these three good souls around, he would hold and behold this peace by fire, by force throughout eternity.

In fact, I know that Togbe is not a man to be sympathised with or feel sorry for, but as for this, why torment the man in the peace of his grave? How could he a latecomer conduct himself anyhow with disciplinarians like Wofa J.H. and Opanin Kofi Atta Busumuru around? And we are here talking of eternity. I only pray that Togbe outlives Methuselah, so that by the time he departs this earth, Wofa P.K, Wofa J.H, and Opanin Busumuru would have moved on to another place in space.

Snr., another thing I am not understand is the fact that it seems our sojess are refusing to die, because there are now more civil practitioners in that departure lounge to the life hereafter than there are bow and arrow professionals.

Another reason that I am not understand what is going on is that we have a beautiful departure lounge called Asomdwe Lorry Park, where lays the Peaceful Prince Atta Miss. There are several already-made departure gates on both his left and his right, yet any person of importance who departs this earth is not made to join him there.

Are we turning the sojess’ burial ground into a Heroes Hectare, like they have in the land of our In-Law, the greatest and last Monomotapa, I am referring to Old-Man Boogie, Uncle Robbie Gabby (not the Nketia and neither the Okyere Darko?

In fact, I am not agree at all with the wastage of public cowries. The best departure lounge to the life hereafter to see off very peaceful peace loving people of high attainment is this Asomdwe Lorry Park. Senior, the already made departure gates, which were dug and fully furnished, are rotting away. And they will need lots of cowries to renovate and refurbish if someone is to use them. Remember, they are no ordinary gates, but for VVIPs only.

Those behind plotting Efo’s misery in resting in peace, know well, well, that Togbe Xornametor is not qualified to use that Asomdwe Lorry Park to go to meet his meeter, Yesu Christus, so why not bring the peaceful souls to this park and leave the asemblification of fantom sojess for the former wild and free humans who used bows and arrows to terrorise humankind?

Senior, the one who has meant to do this to Togbe Xornametor must show up and explain why he is so weak and a coward not to be able to, at least, say something to Togbe while he is alive, but choose to plot for him a life hereafter of misery with by force discipline, by making sure that peace generators, peace implementers, peace enforcers and peace keepers go ahead of him, waiting patiently to deal with him when he shows up and starts to boom, and go into life after death like business as usual.

Senior, as for me and my house, we, for the first time, feel pity for Togbe Xornametor.

I believe I am Dan, sorry I am Done.

It is Me!

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