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You Are Weakening Chieftaincy System …Gomoa Akyempim Gyasehene Tells Politicians

botchway September 13, 2018

By Frederick E. Aggrey

Nana Kobina Kwan II, Gyasehene of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council (GATC), has bemoaned the interference of politicians in chieftaincy matters in Ghana, calling for an end to the phenomenon.

Speaking at this year’s Ahoobaa Kese Festival of the people of Gomoa Assin in the Central Region, he indicated that politicians, over the period, have meddled in chieftaincy issues to suit their political interests, resulting in the weakening of their authority (chiefs).

He added that chieftaincy follows tradition, which is sacrosanct, and, therefore, should not be destroyed.

He explained that politicians interfered in the enstoolment of chiefs in recent times, supporting those they think would perpetuate their interests, though the selected individuals may not be the rightful candidates.

He asserted that chiefs have a lot to offer “in our quest to address most of the challenges facing Ghana, such as sanitation and law enforcement.”

He added that most chieftaincy disputes erupt as a result of some of these interferences.

He, therefore, advised

politicians and all stakeholders to help strengthen the chieftaincy institution by allowing its independence, and rather support the path of truth.

In another development, he advised Ghanaians to rally behind the government by supporting its flagship Free Senior High School programme.

He admitted that there were no broader consultations by the implementers, however, he implored Ghanaians to do their best to help the programme succeed.

He added that the school dropout rate risk increasing, due to the numbers who would graduate at the Senior High School (SHS) level.

He said the existing universities already cannot absorb all the SHS graduates, let alone the numbers that the Free SHS programme would churn out.

As such, he is advising the government to support individuals to establish more private universities to augment the existing ones.

He further advised Ghanaians to develop the habit of entrepreneurship, pointing out that with the numbers which would eventually come out from the universities due to the Free SHS, the unemployment rate would rise, especially when no additional industries are being created.

He said every graduate should think of creating a business to employ others.

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