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Managing And Controlling Anger

botchway September 3, 2018

Book Title: ANGER: 43 Pages:

Author: Dr. S.K. Boafo

Review by Ebo Quansah

Anger is the most destructive weapon unfortunately bequeathed to mankind by nature. In a fit of anger, the leaderships of various nations have led their people to war, destroying societies and bringing hardships to subjects. Individually, anger has torn families apart and set brothers against brothers, and sisters against sisters since creation.

Dr. S.K. Boafo’s publication titled – ANGER – provides Biblical answers to situations that would, otherwise, induce mankind to totally destroy homes, towns, cities and nations.

When Adolf Hitler rose up in Germany in the middle of the 20th Century and threatened Europe with total annihilation, his dislike for the Jewish community was fuelled by the anger of having to deal with a large group of people he considered undesirables.

Anger was the main factor, leading to the establishment of death chambers and dehumanising concentration camps.

Dr. Boafo defines anger thus: “Anger is a strong feeling which can lead you to want to quarrel with someone…When we look at ‘displeasure,’ we can see how this can be applied to both God and human being; many a time, through our actions or words, God can take displeasure with us, especially as we are here on this earth to glorify Him.”

A man of God who leads a church with branches in Ghana, the United Kingdom and many other nations, Dr. S.K. Boafo uses the Bible as the reference point for dealing with anger and its consequences. A lawyer by profession, Dr. Boafo was called to the English Bar at the Inner Temple in 1972, and in Ghana in 1972.

A man of all parts, he was the National Secretary of the Ghana Bar Association from 1982-85. He is a politician who represented the Subin Constituency in Kumasi in Parliament, from 1997 to 2008. During that time, Dr. Boafo served as the Majority Chief Whip.

He was appointed Ashanti Regional Minister in 2001 on the assumption of office by President John Agyekum Kufuor. He also served as Minister for Chieftaincy and Culture, a position he held until January 7, 2009.

As man of God, Dr. Boafo has ministered for nearly five decades in Ghana and Great Britain. He established the Universal Prayer Group Ministries, which now has branches in Ghana, United Kingdom, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire and Kenya.

According to the author, he was directed by the Holy Spirit to put the book together. “I have decided to put together scriptures on Anger, not on my own accord, but compelled by the Holy Spirit, during my studies one Friday morning in January 2014, during my quiet time in Welling, Kent, England.”

Appropriately, the book is dedicated to “the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that this book will speak to your heart, transform and help to make you become a Faithful companion. May the good Lord bless whoever reads this book and shares its contents.”

It is, as a clergy, that Dr. Boafo is really in his full elements. The book takes the reader through examples of anger in the Bible, particularly the commitment of sin, which brings God’s anger to bear on the individual. In Chapter Two, the author gives various examples of God’s anger and his compassion at the same time, while emphasising on the effect of Judgment Day, which is real.

Quoting from Exodus 34:5-7, the Book says: “Then the Lord came down in the cloud and stood there with him and proclaimed His name, the Lord. And he passed in front of Moses proclaiming: ‘The Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. Yet, He does not leave the guilty unpunished. He punishes the children and their children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generations.”

In Chapter Three, the book begins by revealing God’s love which makes the Almighty visit his anger on those who sin. “The anger displayed by the Lord in these scriptures is one out of love and disappointment; all the actions taken by Him, and, thus, the consequences faced by the individual involved, is there to serve as a reminder to us that, ultimately, God is in control, and the best way to please Him is through striving to lead a sinless life.”

The author poses a big question to all mankind. If you die now, where will you spend eternity -heaven or hell? Dr. S.K. Boafo provides the answer. “Jesus alone guarantees you eternity in Heaven.”

The book is a must-read for leaders of religion, politics and students of psychology, who, obviously, want to comprehend the Biblical concept of anger and its reaction.

The book -ANGER- will be launched on Friday, September 7, 2018 at the City Temple International at Tantra Hill, near the St. Johns Senior High School, in Accra, from 7pm-9pm.

All are invited.


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