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The growing American influence in Premier League …as Kroenke nears Arsenal takeover

botchway August 9, 2018

The Yanks are coming! While the billionaires’ playground of the Premier League attracts owners from across the globe, it is of particular interest to those across the pond – with four of our top-flight clubs- Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool controlled by Americans, Sportsmail looks at the special relationships between American-owned Premier League outfits and their owners.

Manchester United: The Glazer family

Other clubs/franchises: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)

The Glazers’ leveraged buyout of United in 2005 was incredibly unpopular among large swathes of the club’s support.

Little of that opposition remains, 13 years on, and the owners have backed managers with substantial funds in recent times.

There are those who feel, however, that a perceived lack of investment during the early years is to blame for United falling behind their Premier League rivals.

Arsenal: Stan Kroenke

Other clubs/franchises: LA Rams (NFL), Colorado Rapids (MLS), Denver Nuggets (NBA), Colorado Avalanche (NHL)

Kroenke has described his planned £602 million outlay on buying the remaining Arsenal shares as a “new chapter” for the Emirates.

Many fans are upset at how the club no longer will be a public limited company. The deal values Arsenal at £1.8 billion, compared with £731 million when Kroenke last made a takeover offer in 2011.

Kroenke confirmed that he would then re-register Arsenal as a private company, pointing how 18 out of the 20 Premier League clubs were now privately owned.

Liverpool: John W. Henry

Other clubs/franchises: Boston Red Sox (MLB)

Ownership style: Softly spoken and modest but incredibly motivated by success.

Liverpool fans will hope there are parallels with his ownership of the Sox, who had gone 86 years without a World Series before he delivered two in the space of three years.

After an up-and-down start following his arrival eight years ago, the club would appear to be on an upward spiral.

Fulham: Shahid Khan

Other clubs/franchises: Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)

Ownership style: Started his path to riches designing car bumpers and entered the world of sport in 2012, becoming the first person from an ethnic minority to own an NFL franchise before snapping up Fulham a year later.

While it appears to have taken some time, Fulham now look well set to re-establish themselves in the Premier League.

Likes to be in the thick of things, as he has shown with his stunning bid for Wembley Stadium

Crystal Palace: Steve Parish (UK), Joshua Harris and David S. Blitzer (US)

Other clubs/franchises: New Jersey Devils (NHL), Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)

Ownership style: Long considered a laughing stock, the 76ers made the play-offs last season for the first time since 2012, losing in the conference semi-finals to the Boston Celtics.

Business partners Harris and Blitzer had long since wanted to expand their portfolio to the Premier League before investing in Palace in 2015.

Influence: Chairman Steve Parish, who owns an 18 per cent share along with each of the two New Yorkers, pulls the strings in south London, runs the day-to-day operations and retains authority.


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