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Malaria is not caused by mosquitoes -Researcher …but GHS rubbishes claim

botchway August 8, 2018


From Sebastian R. Freiku, Kumasi   .

The claims and counter claims regarding the real cause of malaria and the best way the disease could be effectively fought is still raging on.  

While Dr. Emmanuel Kwame Asenso, the Founder and Director of Manyanoha Natural Health Services  and  Health Talk Limited in Kumasi claims that parasites and mosquitoes are not the cause of malaria and that, the wrong method has been used to fight the disease, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) thinks otherwise.

The GHS has debunked Dr Asenso’s assertion insisting Malaria is caused by plasmodium parasite.  

A statement issued by the Director-General of the GHS, Dr Anthony Nsiah-Asare, described Dr Asenso’s position as misleading and that, the “The information by Dr Asenso seeks to undermine all the efforts and strives being made by the GHS and our partners to reduce the burden of malaria, with regard to morbidity, mortality and the eventual elimination.”

But Dr. Asenso has countered the response of the Ghana Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service, stressing that Malaria is caused by filth in the liver.

Dr. Asenso, an internationally known Naturopath, who has many years of experience in the practice of conventional medicine, indicated that the western world has programmed many countries and people with authoritative misinformation on diet, health and diseases, with Ghana as one of the countries around the globe which is most seriously affected.

He said since May 2014, after launching and publishing my book on the serious findings of my research on malaria, no Public Servant or Researcher has had the interest to even ask Health Talk Ltd or myself any questions about how the Manyanoha Natural Malaria Be Gone Programme (MNMP) works.

He also wondered why the Ghana Health Service has not made any effort to contact me or talk to any client or patient who suffered from malaria but has been healed with the MNMP, any question about our very effective malaria CURE and elimination program, even after his new research findings and program had been published at the Ghana Health Service website since July 2014.

A product of Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, Alabama, and an International Nutritional consultant, Dr. Asenso questioned why Ghana should sit down unconcerned and rely on the non-working paradigms from the West on malaria, when the white man does not get malaria in their countries.

He said the Ghana Health Service and its allies do not have a programme of their own for curing malaria and that they are only using non-working treatment protocols of the West, which have never worked and will forever not work, because the theory has over four centuries been wrong.

According to Dr. Asenso, Ghanaians have been kept in the dark over the years and explained that diseases are natural occurrences in the body, but they are not normal.

Explaining his position why malaria is caused by filth in the liver, Dr. Asenso explaining the natural pathophysiology of disease causation said every cell or tissue or organ or system in the human body during its normal biologic function generates human waste or toxic biologic waste called filth and that it is the duty of the eliminative organs in the body to synergistically remove these toxins to maintain good health.

According to him if the filth is not removed from the body’s internal environment, the accumulated toxins begin to cause damage to the organs and then the disease symptoms begin to show up and that the signs and symptoms that occur in the human body are all the natural attempts by a toxic internal environment of a body which is trying to rid itself of the filth.

He said in the case of Malaria, it is the accumulated filth and not germs that causes the liver to generate the symptoms of malaria or malaria-like symptoms.

This, he said, means if one sees plasmodia in people’s liver, they are in there to feed on the filth but not to cause malaria because when one removes the filth, malaria is gone.

Dr. Asenso claimed the Manyanoha Natural Malaria Be Gone Programme (MNMP) which has over the years saved lives of many malaria patients has never targeted any microbes in the liver, including the plasmodia, but the removal of only the filth in the organ.

The Naturopath dared the MOH to prove their position for debunking a program for the cure of Malaria without proof.

He dared the general public to test his programme for themselves, since health freedom is a natural right for all the people of God and encouraged Ghanaians to develop the courage to think outside the conventional box and refrain from any technology and non-working treatment plans designed by the West, under the guise of false science which has been harming them for decades.


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