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Ashanti Rent Control Unit under-resourced

botchway August 6, 2018


From Thomas Adzey   .

The Ashanti Regional Rent Control Department is said to be under resourced and its operations affected by inadequate funds.

The Department, sometimes, is unable to settle its utility bills, according to the Regional Rent Manager, Douglas McKenzie.

He disclosed that his outfit owes Ghana Water Company to the tune of over GH¢10,000, resulting in the disconnection of water supply to the offices.

Mr. McKenzie also expressed worry about the offices, which are housed in a three-storey building, making it difficult for people living with disabilities and the aged to patronise their services by way of complaints for redress.

He appealed to the government to consider relocating the office to enable prospective clients, including the physically challenged and the aged, access their services.

In spite of the challenges, Mr. Mckenzie revealed that his outfit made some strides this year, having recorded 2,166 cases over the six-month period, from January to June this year, unlike last year, which saw an upsurge of cases.

He mentioned rent arrears on the part of tenants as a major problem in the rent industry, and advised tenants to desist from paying their utility bills to one of their own in the case of residents of compound houses, since the collected monies could easily be embezzled.

Manager McKenzie advised that tenants should pay their utility bills individually to the (ECG) or GWCL, and produce their receipt to the land lord of the appropriate authority upon request

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