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Techiman North District sensitises schools on HIV/AIDS

botchway August 2, 2018


The Techiman North District HIV/AIDS Committee has undertaken an HIV/AIDS sensitization exercise for some selected basic schools in the District.

The team, made up of staff from the Ghana Health Service and the District Assembly, visited the Roman Catholic Junior High School at Tuobodom to educate them on the dangers of HIV/AIDS, and the need for abstinence as the best option.

The Disease Control Officer of the Tuobodom Health Directorate, Mr. Mohammed Nurudeen, educated the students on the signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS, and advised them to be cautious and see everybody as a potential carrier of the virus.

He said the disease has no respect for one’s status, education, looks and family background.

Mr. Nurudeen said an HIV/AIDS test at the health facilities is now compulsory for all pregnant women, because during delivery, the mother can pass the virus to the newborn, hence, the need for the test, and if the results prove positive, measures are put in place to protect the baby.

Mr. Nurudeen explained to the students that somebody can also contract the disease through the use of infected sharp objects, such as razor blades and knives, and advised them to shun using such objects belonging to other people.

Mr. Boateng Elvis, a Pharmacist at the Tuobodom Health Centre, told the students to be careful and exercise patience in life, adding that at their age, abstinence is the best option till they marry.

Mr. Boateng said that the period to detect the virus is between six weeks to three months, and stressed that there is life after HIV, and encouraged them to avail themselves for the test.

He mentioned some of the symptoms of HIV as loss of appetite, loss of weight, frequent fatigue, and severe headaches.

Madam Kasim Lantana, HIV/AIDS Focal Person for the district, shared her experience as a mother, and advised the students that, at their age, the best for them is abstinence.

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