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Introduce entrance exams in pre-tertiary education

botchway August 1, 2018


By Bernice Bessey   .

The general concern has been the falling standard of education in recent times, which does not project Ghana very well among its peers in the sub-region. However, many educationists and well-meaning Ghanaians have all shared their thoughts on various platforms on how to tackle the problem head-on.

Samuel Atta Boateng, Headmaster of the SDA Sea View School, has also shared some sentiments on the educational issues that continue to unfold, and, has suggested the introduction of entrance examinations at the pre-tertiary level to curtail the problem.

According to him, the country was getting dividend on the current education system because of the policy of mass promotion, where weak, average and excellent students are promoted alongside.

He strongly opposed the policy, saying: “It is time we begin to avoid all mass promotions, it is not helping the system. We have a system where, in a class of about 30 or 40, you will have about 15 students who are not really picking up and need support. Definitely, they are going to draw the others back.”

Mr. Boateng suggested this during an interview with the media recently at the school’s Speech and Prize Giving Day celebration at Sakumono.

He argued that once children know that they are going to write exams before they are promoted, they will sit down and study.

Referring to his school, he said out of the 30 pupils in Class Six who were due for promotion to Junior High School Form One, only 18 passed the entrance exams, with the rest either to be repeated or removed from the school by their parents.

Speaking on the theme of the celebration: “Excellent Christian Education: A responsibility for all,” which saw 120 students moving to various stages of the academic ladder, he charged parents to be responsible.

Per his observation, some parents easily neglect their children immediately after they put them in school, leaving other supports that would shape the child’s upbringing unattended to.

He was so worried over how parents have become so busy with work and chasing money, without having the least time to spend on their children, therefore, needed to conscientised and sanitised on their core role of parenting.

“We have realised that responsibility of parents has been diminished, and it has been circumcised to the barest minimum, and we want to alert parents and sanitise them on their duties towards their children,” the Headmaster lamented.

Though he said parental obligation goes beyond paying of school fees, was quick to add that since the school is private institution and doesn’t receive any support from the government, it was prudent that parents pay their children’s school fees on time.


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