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iMEM Foundation Launched

botchway July 24, 2018

 By Inusa Musah

The iMEM Foundation, established to support and advocate for leadership to transform and sustain the fortunes of Ghana, has been launched in Tema.

The iMEM Foundation will center its efforts at leading advocacy in the areas of natural resources governance, combating corruption, and creating awareness about our ‘African-ness.’

Speaking at a media launch, Mrs Comfort Aniagyei, Director of iMEM, said the Foundation would further ensure there is adequate advocacy aimed at ensuring that Ghanaians have control over the management of their economic and social affairs.

She continued that through the intervention of iMEM and other civil society organisations, strategies adopted by foreign powers, aimed at keeping Africa dependent on external help, would be dealt with to ensure that the trend changes.

Mrs Aniagyei noted that Africa has gone through various stages in its quest for development and prosperity for its people, highlighting that the history of Africa is littered with many traumatic upheavals, notably, the abominable slave trade, which deprived it of its human and other natural resources like gold and other precious minerals.

“The march for the attainment of true independence for Africa calls for leadership which is mindful of the iMEM factor,” Mrs Aniagyei remarked, and added that when President Akufo-Addo talks of a ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’, she believes he has in mind a Ghana governed by leaders who have overcome the iMEM factor.

She announced that plans were far advanced for the iMEM Foundation to do two separate donations – an incubator to the Tema General Hospital, and some books authored by African Writers to the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).

The Chairperson for the ceremony, Mrs Leticia Osafi-Addo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Samba Foods Limited, mentioned that lack of technology, ‘institutionalised’ corruption and greed by leadership, as the three major problems that Ghana, and most African countries, are faced with, hence, the reasons for their poverty and woes.

She, therefore, expressed the hope that the iMEM Foundation, through its advocacy, would reverse the trend to improve Ghana’s lot.

The Guest Speaker, Abraham Osei-Aidoo, former Majority Leader of Parliament and Tema West Member of Parliament, was of the view that fighting poverty could only succeed, if leaders and public officials fight corruption, the citizenry insist on equity, and the state exhibits prudence and accounts for the use of our natural resources.

He lauded the directors of the iMEM Foundation for taking steps to join civil society organisations to ensure that Ghana’s resources are well managed.


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