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Krachiwura wants healthy water for KeteKrachi

botchway July 16, 2018



Nana MprahBesemura III, Paramount of the Krachi Traditional Area, says the people of KeteKrachi are not far from contracting deadly water-borne diseases, should the government and private organisations continue to further delay in helping the community with urban water supply.

KeteKrachi is an island, however, due to the deadly pollution of the water bodies by bad human activitiesespecially,Nana Besemura III told the Volta File that KeteKrachineeds the urgent intervention of the government and possibly, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), to get the area a source of potable water.

The people of KeteKrachidepend on either dug wells or rain water for their domestic chores, but when the wells are dry and there are no rains, the people depend on the polluted water bodies, and these, Nana Besemura III said, could result in deadly water-borne diseases.

KeteKrachi is the district capital of Krachi West in the Volta Region, and another worrying development Nana Besemura III raised was the unhygienic state of the Kete market, where the traders have continuously failed to keep it clean and healthy.

The Kete market sits close to the Volta River, and the filth at the market is always washed into the river, anytime it rains.

This horrific sanitation practice at the market is also killing fish species in the water bodies.

Based on this, the Krachiwura encouraged the assembly to provide more waste bins at the market and dispatch sanitary officers to there to ensure that traders, drivers and passengers who visit on market days, keep the area clean to protect the water bodies.

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