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KN and CO: Compare and Contrast

botchway July 11, 2018

The confusion raging in this country is of such a magnitude that it is a wonder we do not have more insane persons on our streets than we do now.
The perception of corruption and administrative malfeasance has gone so sky high that everyone seems to want to lynch anyone caught or perceived to be caught in any or all malpractices that are letting our country down.
Riding high in the noise on the fight against corruption is the largest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Right from the moment the elections were conceded by President John Mahama, some of his party faithful have been listing acts of corruption they claim were practiced, or perceived to have been practiced, by this regime of the Nana Addo’s administration.
Even when their cooked-up allegations of bribery against appointee Boakye Agyarko were found to be untrue by the House of Parliament, they continued trumpeting it to the skies, just to make it stick in the minds of Ghanaians.
Then the so-call Bulk Oil Storage Transport (BOST) contaminated fuel scandal, which used to be the practice during the NDC era, was swept unto the desk of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), even when he had not yet taken office.
The NDC seem so charged in their campaign against corruption that they would gladly have revived the let-the-blood-flow remedy of June 4, if given the chance.
Suddenly, the NPP is the worst government with so much corruption than ever existed on the globe. The STL shady deal that cost Ghana hundreds of millions of dollars, which lined up private pockets, was soon forgotten. The call by the late President J.E.A. Mills to have his Veep investigated for corruption in the purchase of aircraft for the Army was quickly swept under the carpet; the then President J.D. Mahama’s indirect admission of being a bribe taker, when asked whether he had ever collected bribe before, was removed from the records.
The NDC, truly and persistently, went on the crusade to smoke out any person who but looks like ever being corrupt.
Investigative journalist Anas Amereyaw Anas decided to air for public viewing perceived acts of corruption in Ghana soccer in particular, and Africa soccer in general.
During what was supposed to be on the sport, soccer, we were taken to another scene, where an entirely different transaction took place. Completely unrelated to soccer or any sports was the talk about bringing in business into the oil sector of the country. In that scene, the then Ghana Football Association (GFA) boss was alleged to have said he was going to give the President and some high officials millions of dollars out of the broker’s fee. Even as this can be said to be a genuine business transaction, where a percentage of the total cost of projects are paid as broker’s fee, the investors were fake, and with the mere mention of the President’s name, brought the roof down.
The NDC went amok and spread the news that, indeed, the President was ever corrupt. Attacks on Anas’ conduct and recent evidence on tape, that he was most corrupt and ever ready to accept bribes from the base rate of $100,000, was seen as an attempt by the NPP to wash down the sins of President Nana Addo.
Sometime last year, the Electoral Commission came on the news, but this time, not on electoral matters. Some members of staff went to petition the President on allegations of what they saw as corruption and maladministration by Commissioner Charlotte Osei.
The fair lady claimed she was not served a copy of the petition, and as the head of the commission, she never encountered any of the petitioners as members of staff.
However, as a seasoned lawyer, she failed to make use of her Miranda Rights and refused to remain silent. So, she responded generously to the allegations, and went further on to make mention of serious corrupt practices on the part of her deputies. One was on financial malfeasance, and the other had loaded illegal persons into the national voters register, seriously over bloating it. Both deputies responded in equal measure and listed corrupt acts on the part of Charlotte Osei, which made the petitioners’ petition looked like a nursery rhyme, compared to a topic in quadratic equations.
So, according to the laws of the land, the President asked the Chief Justice to take a look at it, which she did. She constituted a committee and went into the matter. The result was that due to the voluntary unveiling of hidden acts by all three top managers of our electoral process, the unpardonable rot had been made public, and each could not explain to the satisfaction of the committee why things went the way they did. So, they were no longer fit to be in office.
One would have thought that it was about time for all Ghanaians to rally behind the recommendations of the committee and demand court action against Charlotte and her charlotteers. What more evidence was needed to start cleaning the EC offices?
Unfortunately, though, the NDC which has waged war on corruption or perceived corruption, decided to back out on this one. The members tore through all law books and legal reports at their disposal, just to convince Ghanaians that Charlotte Osei was wrongfully treated and should never have been dismissed from office.
They went on to claim that what she did by abrogating a contract awarded by the procurement committee, and solely re-awarding it to the same beneficiary, was, indeed, a normality in the Commission, for it was a convention. As to whether the commission’s or the state procurement laws allowed that, Ghanaians are yet to be informed by the NDC.
By not exercising their rights to the Miranda Rights, but went on accusing each other of gross corruption, the three top members of the EC hanged themselves. It was their own fault that they got themselves into this mess, and so should be made to face the consequences.
Meanwhile, typical of the NDC, whenever a member messes up, it always stands up to defend the wrongdoer. We have the NDC government letting Woyome off the hook when the then Attorney General (AG) come out to say that the government was no longer interested in pursuing him to return the loot. Now Charlotte Osei had done worse than was alleged against Boakye Agyarko and the former BOST CEO, but the NDC sees her as an innocent victim of the NPP’s diabolical plans.
Today, Ghanaians are made to call Kwesi Nyantakyi names synonymous to corruption and petty stealing, even as the one who exposed such allegations is himself caught in the very web of corruption. Today, the NDC is saying Nyantakyi is a crook and a financier of the NPP, so the whole NPP government is corrupt.
Today, the NDC members have forgotten that their sole financier, Woyome stole GH¢51 million from state coffers and they allowed him to go free. They have forgotten that Charlotte and her deputies have committed what can be said to be worse crimes against the state than Kwesi Nyantakyi was alleged to have done.
How could someone side-step procurement laws and secretly reap millions from the deals all for herself? How can another, most probably, collect huge sums of money from faceless people and push names into the national voters register, when it is very clear that what he did was criminal?
Interesting days yet, as it came out on tape that after the election the NDC actually went to thank the EC with a whooping sum of $12 million. What was it for? Were the members of staff not paid for conducting the elections? Or was it for motivation to push the elections into a re-run, or make Charlotte have in mind that come 2020 she must do everything possible to get the NDC back into power?
Seriously, Ghanaians are confused about this entrenched position the NDC has taken against the dismissal of Charlotte and her charlotteers. It wanted corrupt officials to be punished, the government had provided three, based on their own confessions and unconditional admission of guilt, and its members are saying no to this one. So, who do they want?
Between Woyome and Kwesi Nyantakyi, the latter is a saint, and between Charlotte Osei and Kwesi Nyantakyi, the former is most corrupt.
If the NDC members will defend corrupt persons, even at the peril of their lives, then it shows what they actually are.
Hon. Daniel Dugan

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