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Exercise Rescue Mission to the rescue of Michel Camp …in a mock civil-military exercise

botchway July 11, 2018


A team of liberators from Exercise Rescue Mission in the morning of Monday, July 2,  2018 pitched camp inside the Michel Camp of the First Battalion of Infantry (1BN) of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) to frustrate an illegal formation, Sankofa Group, who planned to cause havoc to the soldiers and their families.

Exercise Rescue Mission, a civil/security relations enhancement organisation had information that the Sankofa Group who, for the past five years, adopted an unbelievable posture of waging war against the state.

The Sankofa Group, with Bishop John Brown as its leader, had signed a secret pact with some missionaries to collect rubbish and use it to choke the gutters in Accra, Tema and Kumasi, in order to create floods, which plan has been successful.

The first battalion, a strong component of Exercise Rescue Mission, which was the group’s next target, went ahead and blocked the entire sewer system.
Intelligence had it that the second stage was to unleash special species of mosquitoes being bred  at a supposed farm on the plains to the unit’s Medical Reception Station (MRS) to extinct the barracks population by the infection of malaria

To halt the diabolic plan of the group, the Nkuosohene of the Akwamu Traditional Area and a patron of Exercise Rescue Mission, Nana Ofei Asamani 1, led a group of rescuers to donate sanitary items to the unit.
These included 6″ high pressure PVC pipes, window nylon nets, mops/buckets and detergents.
Nana Asamani, making the presentation, said Exercise Rescue Mission was established seven years ago with a primary objective of preventing disasters but in the event that one occurs, the organisation should be in a position to mobilise personnel at the shortest possible time to assist.

According to the patron, the precarious sanitary situation at Michel Camp needs prompt attention, hence the mission, with its partners from the Korean Residents Association, who decided to step in.

He said Exercise Rescue Mission has noted with grave concern some challenges facing  the security agencies, such as inadequate barracks accommodation and sanitary issues.

The chief mentioned the intervention made by Exercise Rescue Mission in helping to ease traffic congestion at the Tema Motorway Roundabout. The mission put together all stakeholders to pursue common agenda to free the place of the undesirable traffic that impeded vehicular movements for a decade.

After that, the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), a member and one of the sponsors of the mission sought assistance from Meridian Ports Service (MPS) who undertook the               GHC 28million expansion as their corporate social responsibility project.
He also stated that about 3 years ago, Exercise Rescue Mission supported the Southern Command of GAF with assorted soft drinks during the Land Combat Demonstration at the Bundase Training Camp.
Also present at the ceremony were the National Coordinator of Exercise Rescue Mission, Moses Dautey, Technical Officer, Dan Budu, Protocol Officer, David Adjobu, Julius Ayeni, Safety Officer, Sports Director of KRAIG, Ra Hwa, Jim Kim, Administrator of KRAIG, Capt Josephson Odoi, Officer In charge of Intelligence who deputised for the Officer Commanding, (Rear) Major Daniel Ampadu.
Capt Ampadu thanked Exercise Rescue Mission for the gesture and promised that the items would be utilised for the purpose for which they were donated.


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