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‘Democracy is meaningless without the Media’

botchway July 11, 2018


By Frederick E. Aggrey  .

The Vice president of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Linda Adjei says one cannot talk about democracy without a strong media.

According to her, Ghana has experienced several coup d’états in the past and that it was the media that stood up to the challenge and ensured the coming into being of Parliamentary democracy.

According to her, the media played a pivotal role in the truncation of military dictatorship when there was stark silence and that it took the bravado and resilience of media personnel to change the status quo, which gave birth to the 4th Republic.

She made the revelations at the symposium and media summit of the West African Parliamentary Press Corp (WAPPC) in Accra on Monday, this week, on the theme “Sustaining Parliamentary Democracy in the West African Sub-Region: The Role of the Media”.

She further asserted that, if Ghana is touted as the beacon of democracy in the Sub-region, the media should take a chunk of the praise.

Linda Asante Adjei, who represented the GJA president, Affail Monney, at the forum, also indicated that the media offer a non-violent means for people to settle their differences.

She sees this as one of the most important roles played by the media.

She, however, expressed worry about some media personnel putting themselves up as tools for politicians to use to perpetuate their individual interests. She admonished those elements to repent from their sins and “go and sin no more”.

According to her, the GJA also advocates for regular training of media personnel in the critical subject of Parliamentary democracy.

Earlier, Senator Ben Murray Bruce, Representative of the Nigerian Senate President indicated that investigative journalism was key to the media watchdog role needed for good governance and development.

He indicated that the dynamics of the governance practice in the sub-region make case for the encouragement of strong investigative journalism. He encouraged journalists to be courageous in the line of their duties.

John Azumah, Secretary General of the ECOWAS Parliament on his part indicated that the media was a reflection of the dynamic society. He added that the media serves as a platform on which larger society rely to echo its voice on all issues.


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