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Are health workers becoming heartless?

botchway July 11, 2018

It appears gradually doctors, nurses and health facilities are rather killing instead of saving lives! We go to school to learn, we go to church to worship and praise God, we enter the washroom to ease ourselves.
We are certainly aware that we have to go to health facilities to access healthcare when we fall sick and in some very serious cases, we go to hospitals to save people from death.
However, recent happenings on the health front suggest that our nurses and doctors, who have vowed to save lives, are rather happily looking on while patients die un-necessarily in their hands.
And the most provocative part is, health professionals have the guts to assign reasons why they allow patients to die.
Recently, a 70 year old man was painfully left to die when seven health facilities refused him care on the very ‘regrettable excuse’ of no-bed.
Whilst the full report on the 70 year old case from the Ghana Health Service (GHS) is yet to be made public, drama has been enacted by yet another health facility.
This time, a 30-year-old pregnant woman was left to die with her unborn baby at the Suntreso Government Hospital in Kumasi on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 after the health facility refused her entry into the labour ward, because her husband could not immediately pay a GHC500 ‘Doctor Motivation Fee’.
This can only be described as barbaric, evil and immediately brings to mind the era of firing squad for erring citizens.
Angela Afriyie Agyemang is said to have later died at the theatre just as her husband had made available the GHC500 fee, for which she had been denied medical attention.
Pastor Solomon Lamo Latiff of the House of Faith Ministry in Kumasi, husband to the deceased, took his wife to the hospital the previous day when she started experiencing labour pangs after her due date exceeded by a week.
He narrated that a doctor informed him that a Caesarean Section (CS) was to be done but not until he had paid the GHC500 doctor motivation fee.
Pastor Agyemang said he intends sueing the hospital for medical negligence, since according to him, the hospital allowed several other women in labour into the theatre, while his wife was kept sitting in a wheelchair for over three hours, due to his inability to immediately pay the ‘Doctor Motivation Fee’.
Dr Emmanuel Tenkorang, Director of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) in the Ashanti Region, has said investigations will be conducted into the circumstances that led to the death of the 30-year-old pregnant woman.
Dr Tenkorang, who described the incident as unfortunate, has assured that the GHS will commence a ‘thorough investigation’ into the matter. He added that whoever is found guilty will be punished severely.
Though the assurance from Dr Emmanuel Tenkorang is very welcome, one wonders whether a thorough investigation will indeed be carried out.
The Chronicle is skeptical because records do not indicate erring medical staff or health facilities have been sanctioned and the trend could be the same in this instance.
It appears workers at most of our health facilities do not value human life because they have been seeing people die on daily basis.
Unfortunately, their training does not support this school of thought. The Medical and Dental Council is a reputable association and we expect them to get themselves involved in the latest case and punish those found guilty to serve as deterrent to others.
We should not sit down as a country and allow people to die in such reckless manner, as we are experiencing now.

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