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Non-Productive Teachers Must Give Way!

botchway July 9, 2018

A former Vice Chancellor (VC) of the Valley View University, Prof. Dr Dr Daniel Buor, has called for the dismissal of non-performing lecturers and teachers in the various educational institutions of learning in the country, since they are non-productive.

He explained that although those lecturers and teachers have the right to work, they also have the responsibility of doing the right thing by improving on their performance through research.

The obviously enraged Professor is quizzing, “how can a lecturer use the same notes for more than five years and expect to get results in this fast-changing information technology era?”

We are glad that the educationist has stressed that for the nation’s education to move forward, there is the need for the government and its agencies to be firm and ensure that people who are not ready to promote the development of the education sector are weeded out for those who were ready to do the job.

The Chronicle would like to give thumps up to the Professor for his timely submission, especially when the government has rolled out the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy, which would ultimately ensure more students gain access to education.

We are of the firm belief that the duty of the teacher is complete only when the student has been able to pass either a written exam or a skill test.

How can teachers be said to have done their work when students under their care have failed?
The situation where teachers just log in the attendance book, and do not care so much about whether the students understand subjects taught or can pass examinations, must not be entertained in our schools.

We at The Chronicle think teachers can be held responsible for the performance of students. Equally, teachers must be licensed and justify why they should be allowed to teach upon expiry of their licences.

This is so, because, the tools employed by teachers and lecturers in discharging their duties are very critical to the overall performance of students in school. Therefore, teachers who lack the requisite tools to teach effectively, must be shown the way out.

The Chronicle agrees with Prof. Dr Buor that the universities must to make it a point to organise regular refresher courses for their lecturers, so that they would be abreast with the current trends in educational development, as well as modern trends in teaching.

We also reiterate the call on lecturers to spend quality time researching on their fields of endeavor, so that they would be able to train students who would be accepted by industry without much difficulty.

Again, we support deeper collaboration between industry and the academia in the planning and execution of the needed curricular, so that it meets the current market demands to ensure that products trained for the institutions are not retrained when employed at additional costs.

To us, at The Chronicle, the country cannot run away from the fact that without good collaboration between academia and industry, it would be very difficult for the institutions to know what is required from students by industries.

If teachers are indeed the torch bearers in society, then their students must always see light in life, and for those who fail to provide the light, let us not entertain them in our educational institutions.

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