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Transfer Not Enough Punishment For Erring Teachers!

botchway July 6, 2018

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has sacked four teachers of the Ejisuman Senior High School in the Ashanti Region for sexually assaulting some female students.

In March 2018, some nine teachers of the school were interdicted, after they abused some female students.

The action by the GES followed an exposé by The Chronicle, after which the Board Chairman of the school, Reverend Father Dr Paul Atta Nsiah, shamelessly attempted to rubbish our work.

As time would always tell, four months down the line, the GES has convinced itself that, indeed, those teachers feasted on the female students they were trained to teach, inspire and guide into becoming responsible adults.

Though The Chronicle is satisfied that the erring teachers have been sanctioned, we find it worrying the four other teachers are to be transferred, after they sign a bond to be of good behaviour.

We would like to ask if the said teachers are being transferred to a boys’ school, because, if these teachers are going to schools with female students, what is the guarantee that the female students over there would not be attractive to them?

To us, at The Chronicle, the code of ethics in the teaching profession are more instructive than the bond they have signed, so why are we so sure that the teachers would, this time, be deterred by the bond than their own professional ethics?

We believe that teachers are the light of society, and they play critical roles in shaping the lives of the people, it, therefore, becomes strange when the very people who are expected to mould our young ones into responsible adults, themselves behave irresponsibly.

The Chronicle thinks teachers who indulge in immoral acts with their female students must be dismissed outright and declared perpetually unfit to teach in any school in the country.

That, to us, would be a better way of tackling the increasing incidents of teachers bedding their students.

With that said, The Chronicle would also like to draw the attention of the authorities that the system should also find ways to deal with students who also frame their teachers, just as has been discovered at Ejisuman SHS.

It should be possible that students who are found to have implicated their teachers in such matters are also punished to deter others from going overboard.

Ghanaians are aware that most male teachers have been using our daughters in school to satisfy their libidos, but we are hereby serving notice that our spotlight would continue to be on such teachers till they are exposed and penalised.

The Chronicle would reiterate the warning by the Minister of Education that the government will take on any Regional Director of Education who fails to protect female students who are victims of sexual abuse by teachers in Senior High Schools across the country.

Indeed, boarding schools cannot be used as brothels by male teachers who usually engage in sexual relationships with their female students.

The Chronicle believes the time has come for us, as a country, to rid our educational institutions of wild people masquerading as teachers.

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