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I’m for empowerment, recognition, welfare -Ntim

botchway July 6, 2018


From Naabenyin Joojo Amissah, Cape Coast

Mr Stephen Ntim, one of the main contenders in the NPP national chairmanship race, has told delegates in the Central Region to vote for him in the upcoming conference.

A vote for him as the National Chairman, he said, would represent empowerment, recognition and structured welfare for the party ‘foot soldiers’.

Mr Ntim stated this in Cape Coast when he met with the delegates in the region who would vote to elect national executives for the party.

Speaking to the delegates, Mr Ntim mentioned that if he was elected as the National Chairman, he would institute a policy that would take good care of those at the grassroots.

According to him, monthly allowances would be paid to party executives at the bottom who visit every cottage and hamlet to campaign for the party to win power.

He mentioned that full recognition would be given to the founding members, as well as others who have toiled and laboured for the party if he became the chairman.

He added that under his tenure as the party National Chairman, power would not be distanced from the masses, and the foot soldiers in particular, who always work for the party to win power.

According to him, the welfare of party foot soldiers would be given a priority if he became the National Chairman, and, therefore, called on all the delegates to vote for him. “I have never lied, and I will never do so. I cannot lie my way to power by giving you weird promises which I cannot fulfil when I win,” he stressed.

Mr Stephen Ntim denied all allegations making the rounds that he has been holding secret meetings with certain individuals to bring the party down.

He described those allegations as needless propaganda that must be ignored, condemned and treated with all the contempt they deserve.

He gave the background to some roles in played for Nana Addo in the run-up to the 2016 elections that saw the party win in some constituencies that they had never won before.

“I worked hard for the NPP to win 13 constituencies that we never thought we could win, including Atebubu Amanteng, Sefwi Akontombra and New Edubease.”

He appealed to the delegates to consider his long selfless service to the party, and reward his efforts with a resounding victory that would make the 2020 elections easy for the NPP.

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