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I’ve not taken $1000k bribe -Anas

botchway June 29, 2018


By Maxwell Ofori

Ace Investigative Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has denied ever being bribed to drop a story in his career.

According to him, Mr Kennedy Agyepong, Member of Parliament (MP) for the Assin Central Constituency, who is making these allegations against him, is only blowing hot air, in a move to discredit his work.

The maverick politician, Kennedy Agyepong, had alleged that a third party had demanded that Mr Nyantakyi pay $100,000 bribe for Anas to drop the recently-premiered video, Number 12.

Speaking at the premiering of ‘Who Watches the Watchman,’ Kennedy Agyapong made a series of allegations against Anas, insisting that he took bribes from people to drop stories he had done about them.

Speaking on Starr FM in Accra yesterday, Anas described the claim as absolute nonsense. He sought to find out how feasible it could that be, especially when the BBC was also doing a story around that.

When asked if nobody approached him, he said: “Who would approach me? How would you tell me that? A story that I am not doing alone. A story that BBC is doing a story of, so if you paid me here, how do I stop the BBC? It doesn’t make sense.”

Anas speaks on Joy FM

Speaking on Joy FM, another Accra-based radio station yesterday, the internationally-acclaimed investigator, Anas, expressed disappointment at the premiering of the so-called who ‘Watches the Watchman.’

According to him, he was expecting to see clear pictorial evidence of him taking a bribe from someone, as was popularly advertised.

“Look, I thought that I was going to see a film, because that was what I was made to believe; that am in a film taking cash – hundred thousand dollars – where is that film? Where did it go? People talk; they talk, talk…,” he stated.

Debunking the allegations further, Anas said: “Look, I have said, I have never, get it on record, never taken bribe from anybody to do a story. Why would I? What would I get? That’s why I was the first to go to court to ask the accusers to prove it.”

Extortion accusation

He also expressed shock at those making the allegations of extortion against him without going to court to prove their case. “I have been accused of being an extortionist. I have been accused of receiving $150,000, and those people cannot mention who took the money as we speak. It’s absolutely nonsense. It doesn’t make sense.”

He further said that because he wants to prove his innocence, he had gathered the allegations and gone to court for anyone who has evidence to come and substantiate same through lawful means.

Emphasising that the allegations made against him would fall flat, Anas, who is a lawyer, also asserted that the evidence would play out beautifully in court.

“I want to prove my innocence, so what have I done, I’ve put all these cases together. I’ve asked my lawyers, go to court, let’s establish it. Whoever has said this, at the end of the day, we all will be in court. The media will be there; all of us will be there; questions will be answered.

“I think that because this is a subject of court, I’m not going to go into the details of the investigation, because it is prejudicial, but the facts will all play out nicely. Like I said, there are people who are alive who are in the story.”

Allegation that a State Attorney was bribed by Anas

Another allegation on Anas, shown in the video of Kennedy Agyapong, was that he, Anas, was seen discussing money with a State Attorney to drop a court case against a suspect who had duped a gold company.

The State Attorney is reported to have asked Anas whether he had transferred money into her account, and Anas is said to have responded in the affirmative.

Responding to this allegation, Anas Aremeyaw Anas noted that records are available at the Registrar General’s Department for reference, adding that the Attorney General’s office was for pre-trial conference.

“There are records at the Registrar General’s Department. Nobody goes to take bribe at the Attorney General’s Department. You can only go there to do a pre-trial conference. All the records, fortunately, are there, all the videos are there in the docket, so why are people rushing?” he quizzed.

Late JB Danquah’s murder & Affair with widow

Rather serious, perhaps, of all the allegations, is that Anas is said to have had a hand in the gruesome murder of the late Joseph Boakye Danquah, former Member of Parliament (MP) for the Abuakwa North Constituency.

Though there are suspects currently standing trial, there calls for him to be arrested to answer questions about the murder. Again, he has been accused having an affair with the wife of the murdered MP.

Before Anas could come out to say something on that allegation, the wife, Ivy Heward-Mills, posted on her facebook wall, urging Ghanaians to disregard those hollow claims.

However, responding to the claim, Anas said he could not fathom why a reporter could be accused of murder because of a story.

“Again, don’t forget. I have been accused of murdering JB Danquah. Murder! Is that how we’ve sunk so low in this country? Because of a story, the reporter is a murderer? And then, I’ve been accused of even going to the BNI (Bureau of National Investigations) and convincing the BNI to give me access to the murderer and mentioning names to him to come and mention. Where is all these leading us to? All these are thrown out there, no substance to prove it and law enforcement agencies are sitting.”

Describing the murder as high profile and political, Anas was surprised why if anybody had evidence the person and would not give to the police, but rather accuse people and the law enforcement agencies of doing nothing about it.

“But, you see, these hot air blowers, they are a matter of time, that’s why the law courts are there,” he opined.

He was so confident of himself, such that, could he beat his chest to say: “I am saying that not even one of these accusations will stand. It will come out as falsehood, deliberately aimed at tarnishing my image, so that people will not believe what I say. But let me tell you this, no matter what they do, no matter the attempt on my life, I will survive this; I will stand the test of time.”

Kennedy Agyepong’s crusade against Anas

Days after news broke that Anas was going to expose rot at the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Mr Kennedy Agyepong also started a campaign against the modus operandi of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tiger Eye PI, Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

He was reported to have said that Anas was not genuine enough to monitor someone he suspected to be corrupt. According to him, Anas has destroyed families and homes through dubious means to enrich himself.

He said the investigator used entrapment, which, he said, should not be entertained, but Anas maintains his methods are accepted globally, and that he would advise those who may not be familiar with it to read.

Mr Agyepong revealed on his Oman FM radio and Net2 television stations that the victims had given him evidence to prove that Anas takes money from people to drop their videos, and that failure to pay would result in a victim appearing in the exposé.

For what he described as justice for all, the vociferous MP announced that after the premiering of Number 12, he was also going to air what he titled “Who watches the Watchman,” to expose the other side of Anas.

Last Wednesday, he walked the talk and showed about an hour of video in front of his Hollywood building, which houses his radio and TV stations in Accra.

The following day, Thursday, Mr Agyepong was on Adom FM, and angrily stated that Anas was evil, and that he was going to cause his arrest.

It would be recalled that Anas has already sued Kennedy Agyepong for defamation, praying the court to award him damages.


The clash between the journalist and the MP comes on the heels of the premiering of Number 12, which has led to the ban of the former GFA boss, Kwesi Nyantakyi, by the world’s football governing body, FIFA.

The same exposé resulted in the dissolution of the GFA by the Akufo-Addo government, which is currently in talks with FIFA to regularise football in Ghana again.

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