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Accra Train Station Hawkers Ejected

botchway June 27, 2018

By Bernice Bessey & Pix by Eric Oweridu

The Ghana Railway Company (GRC) has ejected traders and hawkers who had occupied the Accra Railway Station to give way for the reconstruction and revamping of locomotive transportation in the country.

The Accra Railway Station, known for its vibrant trading activities, especially secondhand clothing, food stuff, tailoring, and hair dressing among others, can now be described as empty, with only heaps of gravels and sands on the land.

A tour by the Accra File to the site yesterday, revealed the preparedness of the Ministry of Railway Development to put back the collapsed rail transportation in motion. The file also observed that old rails had been replaced with new ones at certain areas.

Though the GRC officials refused to grant the file an interview, information gathered indicated that all the gates leading to the station had been equally locked to prevent passersby, as well as traders and vendors from accessing the place.

This incident forced the traders and hawkers onto the principle streets creating undue congestion to the discomfort of pedestrians and motorists.

One of such streets is the CMB-Accra Brewery road, where vehicles and human traffic had become unbearable.

The congestion also shows that there were no clear-cut plans made, either by the assembly or GRC, to relocate the traders and hawkers.


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