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England Players’ Wives & Girlfriends Follow Them To Russia

botchway June 26, 2018

The WAGs are proving a lot less high maintenance for the FA in Russia than the 2006 contingent were in Germany.

England players’ wives and girlfriends (WAGs) , plus other relatives, flew in and out of Nizhny Novgorod for the 6-1 thumping of Panama on Sunday by private charter jet.

Unlike their 2006 predecessors, the difference is the current WAGs were sharing their flights with England fan groups who are based in St Petersburg.

Also, the paparazzi were parked outside the Brenners Park Hotel in Baden-Baden en masse 12 years ago but have virtually ignored the 50-plus party of WAGs so far.

The FA say they have organised the WAGs’ itinerary, which means sharing all their internal flights with England supporters, but the players’ families are paying their own way.

Credit: dailymail.co.uk

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