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The Corrupted Innocents – Who Is Without Sin?

botchway June 25, 2018


The atmosphere is still heavy with the Anas exposé, and with what looked like a united national voice bashing the actors in the video for their corrupt ways, we now have more and more people discerning the issues that appeared on the silver screen and asking hard questions.

Considering all the exposé Anas has presented to us, I do not believe the right and proper thing to do is to call for the heads of those who were exposed deep in corrupt deeds, even as it seems they were innocent ones who were corrupted by the methods used by the investigative journalist.

For every department of this nation Anas visited, he came out with an over 90% corruption rate. This is scary, but instead of all of us sitting down to contemplate how to minimise corruption, we hurl curses at those caught on camera.

I will suggest that we should enter into a sober reflection. Assuming Anas succeeds in covering all departments of our national fabric with the method he uses, he is sure to return the over 90% corruption rate. What this means is that using the recent statistics with assumedly 70 out of 73 match officials found to be corrupt, we shall have a nation of at least 95% corrupt citizens.

So, very likely, from medicare to education, the civil service, public service to the private sector, even including the religious sector, there is probably no way the corruption rate will record less than 50%.

And, lest I forget, we still do not know what Anas has for us on our legislative arm of government, I mean our members of Parliament (MPs). I wonder why he is still keeping that video close to his chest. Was he compromised in any way not to show it? If he was, then someone ought to do undercover on him and see his corruption ratings

Simply put, no one can escape corruption whatever the magnitude. Those who may register negative would, by all means, be associated to those who are corrupted. And, let us see how such clean people will call for the heads of their parents, spouses, children and close relations. One would either be caught on camera or directly relate someone who has.

Mr. Kweku Baako was recently heard saying that if he had the chance he would have had some people deleted from the video, who were captured in corrupt stances. Whether his wish was indeed carried out, we can only speculate, since none of those on camera seem to have any close association with Kweku Baako.

In a nutshell, we should, by now, be awakened to the fact that we all have some association with corruption, and so that holier-than-thou attitude is nothing but mere hypocrisy, since even the sanctity of Anas is very much in question.

Just to touch on that portion of the exposé that had him luring Kwesi Nyantakyi into that fake business deal. If the exposé was on corruption in soccer, then where the hell did a completely unrelated transaction come from?

If it was to tag the president as corrupt, then that failed, because Kwesi Nyantakyi never said he was authorised or sent by the president to do business and demand millions in broker fees.

However, the mere fact that Kweku Baako watched on and allowed that completely unrelated portion to appear had fuelled the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to start calling the president names. It is quite clear why they showed that portion to the President and pleaded that he kept quite over it. It was another way of exposing Nana Addo to keeping silent over evidence of corruption. But that failed.

Looking at it the other way, let us assume that we have a certain Kwesi Nyantakyi, who is a very corrupted person in all sectors of life. From the video, in his corrupt ways, he was bringing millions of dollars into the country. Even if the money will go to into individual pockets, it would be spent in Ghana, and guess what, it will make our cedi appreciate to the benefit of traders and all of us.

But, remember, Kwesi Nyantakyi is not alone in this field. One Tetteh Quarshie illegally smuggled cocoa beans into this country, and we celebrate that corruption to this day. Maybe Kwesi’s millions cannot be compared to Tetteh’s windfall from cocoa, but we cannot say Kwesi did not try. But the way, he is being condemned by the NDC, because he is an NPP man and financier.

Then we have a certain Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the financier extraordinaire of the NDC who went on stealing spree and stole GH¢51 million from state coffers and pocketed it. It is alleged that some of that money went into the full funding of the cost of constructing the NDC’s mega headquarters in Accra.

Woyome performed this corrupt act during the NDC era of Mills/Mahama, and he was not successfully convicted by the courts after the NDC Minister of Justice and Attorney-General said the government was not interested in the case, because it found Woyome a very clean person. Today, Woyome is walking free and rather threatening to sue Ghana for calling him a thief.

So, as Anas goes about corrupting the innocent and making them appear corrupt, we still want him to go after the real corrupt people.

Meanwhile, if you or yours have not yet been caught on camera, do not rejoice that you are clean, and stop condemning the corrupted innocents. Before a certain Kwesi Nyantakyi, we had a Tetteh Quarshie, and meanwhile, Alfred Agbesi Woyome is still walking free.

Hon. Daniel Dugan


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